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  • Recreational
  • 18+ Allowed
  • On-Site ATM
  • Security
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Veteran Discounts
  • Terminally ill Discount

First Time Patients

If you are from a state other that CA with recreational cannabis please understand that we all have to abide by CA laws regarding edibles and childproof exit bags.


Now Accepting call-in orders!!!! Delta Health and Wellness started with a vision of holistic care for medicinal patients in a time where being a Cannabis dispensary almost seemed hopeless. Over the years we have done everything possible to care for...


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    We were visiting from out of state and had never been in o e before. The budtenders were incredibly friendly and helpful. They were very knowledgeable and didn't make us feel awkward being new. The facility was very nice and they even had local vendors there on occasion with free samples. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

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    It was very friendly. I like the small homey atmosphere. I would most definitely visit again.

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