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I am a certified Arizona Marijuana Caregiver looking for 4 patients who are homebound. Serving the north of prince and east of I-10We offer 3 mixes of medication (only flower never trim) "B" grade at $190.00 an ounce- contains 2 strains(12-15% thc)...


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Tucson Weed Delivery Reviews

  • How do I get ahold of you guys so I kan get some flower donations from who ever runs the shop

  • Very disappointed! Online says in large letters no card needed, called to place a delivery order and was told that they require the card and do not accept the paper card. False advertising

  • They care so much to get you the product best to help your physical needs. Super staff, super friendly, the best atmosphere.

  • Quit putting the red line across page makes it impossible to look up

    DC Buds
    Bluue8 reviewed DC Buds
  • Absolutely wonderful custom service and all around fun adventure!!!

    DC Buds
    Cami N. reviewed DC Buds
  • It was awsome

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