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At Hercules, your buzz matters to us. We provide the best quality of Cannabis, with a drizzle of ancient Greek mythology fun. We are a small DC based family business, and our wide variety of strains are grown all around the...


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    Bud is fresh high quality plus they have large selection strains to choose from. Fast response and 20-30 min delivery. Top recommend professional service

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    This is my 2nd time with these guys and honestly there isn’t enough vocabulary to express my satisfaction. From quality to presentation, these guys definitely are the REAL DEAL and I have tried about 4 other dispensaries. NOBODY is coming close to HERCULES!!!!!!!

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    WOW. This word alone sums up my experience with these nice people. Their customer service is outstanding-- and that's not even the best part.

    If you are like me, or anybody that has tried other places, you have had hit or miss experiences. NOT HERE!!!

    The strain and quality of their bud is AS ADVERTISED. Top shelf and not as expensive as those badly cured or premature rip-offs.

    Let me be 100% clear. I will not try another supplier so long as they continue to deliver on this experience that I just had. The driver was running a little late because of traffic, it was 4pm and I was hitting the same traffic so I know that to be true. Always updating and very responsive. I ordered an 1/8th of Green Crack. I was surprised to find a Sour Diesel pre-roll included in my order. It was a gift? However, I smoked it and it became a blessing. Anyways, I have yet to smoke the GC, but it looks and feels as though it will be as good if not better than the Diesel.
    Thanks guys, keep it up!!!

    Business reply:

    We really appreciate the feed back, and very happy to hear it. And will have a free gift for you next time. For the taking the time to show your appreciation.

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