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Welcome to Hi-life DC !!! Veterans/Med Card Holders: 5% off all order total. Also we offer of our top menu for our First Time Patients .


Cannabis is good for the happinnes of the world! Hi-lifeDC is a washington dc based cannabis information provider, hand lender to empower people in legal cannabis markets, to learn about the right products for their lifestyle and wellness needs, and...


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    Review #29 goes to Hi-Life. Took a few times at first, But I guess they were working kinks out in their communications. Bound and determined to get the Acapulco Gold so since there are a bunch of shady dispensaries popping up with dirt schwagg , I couldn’t take a risk on a full ounce.

    So I tested with an 1/8. I texted as usual, but was redirected to order from the cart system. So I did that, and set a time. Driver contacted me earlier, And they can be there in 10 minutes. I needed 30 where I’m at. Anyway the driver kept in regular contact an updated me. After I got the smaller amount, I just knew looking at it it was legit in the packaging. So I rolled a small one, and after I took the hit I was like oh yeah. I immediately put in an order for 2 ounces.

    They were very good about getting to me in 45 minutes from start to finish. They sound like Jamaicans, and good people with the deals. I’m very happy. Grown, dried and cured well!! Thanks mon’s - keep it up. I will be back again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    All around great experience! Everyone went out of their way to help with ordering, scheduling and delivery. Arrived as promised with good quality products. Set to default - no need to look further.

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    Great service, great bud, great communication for arranging meet up.

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    Business reply:

    we Appreciate you businesses SEE YOU SOON THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

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    Business reply:

    thank you for letting us earn your business.

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    Business reply:

    Thank you very much. It was great to work with you. hope to speak to you soon. :-)

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