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Customer focused dispensary providing quality bud, potent edibles, and quick & friendly service and delivery.    VENMO ACCEPTED    

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    First of all! I’m super late in this review because these folks have earned it a long time ago. I started off dibbling and dabbling in a few different spots because I was looking for the right price, and the right options. But no one has been as consistent as iPot. They keep it simple and, again, consistent, and they’re always timely and friendly.

    Big plus for me: I usually order when I’m at work (judge ya muva!) but after being off for some time I placed an order to my house, in SE, across the River, which many places apparently (and all of a sudden) don’t deliver to on some BS. They’ll take your money and charge a deliver fee for you to meet them halfway. Proud to say that these folks recognize a loyal customer and I’ve had delivery to my job and home with no problems. That says a lot in a climate and industry where people living in working class areas are expected to be consumers even under unfair conditions. IPot will always get my business for that alone. Peace!

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    1st I HAVE to shout out the driver because not only was he on time, but he was EXTREMELY patient when everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong and it was totally on my part (which had never happened before and made me extremely grateful). For whatever reason my payment with Venmo wouldn’t go through so we went to the ATM nearby and I finally was able to get the cash out. From that alone they got a dedicated customer out of me.
    He was also knowledgeable about the carts. I live primarily in LA so being back in DC was a headache when it came to getting cartridges. Especially since almost all of them in this area are fake and outrageously priced. The packaging of the Rove carts matched what was shown on the Rove website, they weren’t expired, and it was a headache to open 😂 (see, totally real :)) I got Ape Carts. I’ve tried so many different vendors in this city but I’ll more than likely be sticking with this one. I haven’t ordered from a place yet that can beat in both value and customer service. It’s definitely worth a try. Like, it won’t hurt lol I’m grateful I found this spot. Thanks y’all!!

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    Great response time and high quality bud!!! I order from these guys every time

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