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WE ARE A STATE LICENSED DISPENSARY. **New Patients COME IN AND GET AN AWESOME BOGO DEAL ON FLOWER OR MPX PRODUCTS! **Limit 1 Per New Patient; up to an 1/8th ounce of Flower, 1 Gram of MPX Concentrate, or 1 MPX Cartridge** We offer discounts for...


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    I had a bad experience at that store today. Chose to call the store and speak to manager rather than blast on reviews. Well, that didn’t work out. He refused to be professional and give me his name, so I knew who I was speaking to. Not sure if he even was a manager. Such a shame because I DID like the store and I DO like some of the people who work there. But after that phone call with THAT so called manager I will have to take my business elsewhere. And there are many other dispensaries that would love to take my money. I merely wanted to state that I was unhappy because they did not specify the 30% off the item order did not qualify for the B2G1 free. I know about double dipping on specials. But they did not say it wouldn’t apply, nor did the receptionist I tt. They usually specify such exemptions. As a loyal customer I wanted to pass on this. So people like me placing a phone order weren’t caught off guard. And have to use and pay atm fees for the extra monies.
    Message to the owner—
    Please coach your managers on handling conflicts?

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