Is THC-Infused Beer Coming to a Brewery Near You?

Is THC-Infused Beer Coming to a Brewery Near You?

Published on 7/6/21

There is a time and place for weed, whether that be a smoking session with friends or an edible before bed. But sometimes, we just want to go to our favorite craft cocktail or brewery and enjoy the nice buzz that comes with consuming alcohol. It is often choosing one or the other here, but why not have a little bit of both worlds? The newest cannabis product that is hitting the market is marijuana-infused beer, which only makes sense as the craft beer and cannabis legalization movements have only been growing simultaneously for some time now.  

What is Cannabis-Infused Beer?


Weed beer is pretty much just like it sounds, it's a beer that has been infused with THC or CBD. It makes sense that these two ideas would come together in harmony, because not only are both insanely popular right now, but the two share an audience that loves an herbaceous flavor profile and all-around chill vibes. 

This all sounds amazing, right? Unfortunately, there is a catch. Most states have laws that prohibit a product to be produced through the mixing of both cannabis and alcohol, so most of the weed beers you see on the market are dealcoholized beers, and some of them are even bridging the gap between beer and infused waters. Once again, the lack of federal regulation is what is stopping these two from coming together in true harmony, as laws state-to-state can be in gray areas. 

How is Cannabis Beer Made? 


When thinking about making this product, the current industry standard calls for using a flavorless and colorless THC or CBD isolate in liquid form, swapping the cannabinoids for the alcohol. The isolate is typically implemented after the fermentation process, and as of right now due to the regulations and standards, most breweries are looking to incorporate CBD rather than THC into the beer. Therefore, they won't run into on-site consumption issues, among many other things. 

It's a bit exhaustive to create, as most sites need one facility to make the beer and another to extract the CBD or THC. According to most craft brewers, adding the isolated oil is a rather delicate process that can take place at a few different times. Some brewers add the cannabis to the wort while it is boiling, others will add it right after boiling as it's cooling. The easiest route, and the one used by most, is adding the tincture right after the fermentation before bottling, creating a delicious, infused beer. These isolates are nano-emulsified, which means it breaks down compounds to be water-soluble and stable when mixed with the beer. This also means more bioavailability, which equates to feeling the effects faster and for a longer time

What is Marijuana Beer Like? 

You probably have several questions. How much THC is included in the beer? What does it taste like? Do you get high from weed-infused beer? For starters, most bottles will contain anywhere around 5mg to 10mg of CBD or THC, which is standard will most types of edibles. Most people describe the infused beer to have a very savory and dry flavor that isn't going to deliver much sweetness to the tongue. You'll find that drinking an infused beverage will provide a short, yet very pleasant cerebral buzz. It's perfect for easing into a social setting, without getting too into your head as well. You'll find THC-infused beers in licensed dispensaries throughout the states. 

Even though the 2018 Farm Bill essentially legalized hemp-derived CBD, there is still some gray area when it comes to these beverages. You can buy most CBD beverages online, in dispensaries and in your local health food store in most states. 

Our Favorite THC Beers


Hi-Fi Hops Tuner: Lagunitas 

This brewery, hailing from California, has always kept things current and interesting. Their line, Hi-Fi Hops, has three different varieties of cannabis-infused sparkling water. We prefer the Tuner variety, which has a perfect 5:5 ratio of THC:CBD and a flavor profile of tropical, citrus and floral notes. These IPA-inspired beverages come from the finest, sun-grown cannabis and can be located in California and Colorado dispensaries. 

Grainwave: Ceria Brewing  

This refreshing, medium-bodied ale is a Belgian-style white ale with notes of blood orange and coriander, with 5mg of THC. Founded by the creator of Blue Moon, Ceria Brewing knows beer, especially Belgian classics. They are committed to giving the consumer quality ingredients and a fun time with the micro-dose of only the highest quality of cannabis possible. You can find this beer throughout Colorado. 

Blood Orange Haze: Outbound Brewing 

Here's another brewery out of San Diego, California, that is looking to give the consumer a great time without the intoxicating effects of alcohol. These CBD beers contain 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD, that boasts a heavy herbal and earthy profile with aromatic notes of orange peel. You can find this beer in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Happy Apple Cider 

This Washington-based cider company is all about natural, quality and home-grown ingredients. You'll find nothing but the freshest apples from the Pacific Northwest along with sorse emulsified cannabis to create nothing but good times. If you're a cider fan but looking for an alternative, try these beverages that come in 10, 50, or 100mg of THC per 12-ounce bottle. You'll taste nothing but a crisp, red apple to satisfy you for the day. You can find this product throughout Washington. 

Do you have a favorite CBD or THC-infused beer drink? How does the experience stack up against drinking alcohol? Give us your feedback below. 

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