7 Tools to Improve Your Dabbing

7 Tools to Improve Your Dabbing

Published on Aug 21, 2020

If you ask us, few cannabis experiences are quite as satisfying as taking a perfect dab. From the preparation and intricate process to the intense high and delicious terpenes, dabbing brings out the obsessive nerd in all of us. And thankfully, as concentrates become more popular across the cannabis landscape, the dab revolution has brought enough tools, gadgets, gear, and fine art to keep passionate potheads busy for years.

From butane torches and glass dab rigs to carb caps and multi-tools, dabbing equipment can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. But with a few pointers and some new gear, even novice concentrate connoisseurs can dab like seasoned pros.

So if you're still dabbing off titanium nails, hot knives, or just wondering "what is a dab tool?" we're here to lend a helping hand and guide you through the most important additions for your dabbing tool kit.

Step Your Game Up With a Heady Rig

Dab rigs may look and function exactly like a classic bong for smoking flower, but while water pipes are often made of glass, plastic, silicone, ceramics, and even wood, your dab rig should be made of hand-blown glass. Like traditional bongs, there are plenty of mass-produced imported glass dab rigs on the market, but if you want to take your dab experience to the next level, spend a few hundred dollars (or thousands if you're balling like that) on a hand-blown heady dab rig.

Not only will a heady rig offer a clean, lasting, and consistent dab experience, but you will also own a piece of fine glass art that will impress your friends, match your expensive dabs, and could even appreciate in value if properly cleaned and protected. You can buy a hand-blown dab rig at any number of online headshops, or glass stores and galleries in cities around the country.

Diversify Your Dab Tools


When most dabbers start their concentrate journey, they begin with a classic titanium tool that looks like it was taken straight out of a dentist's office. But if your dab tool gets easily caked in sticky dabs, scratches your banger nail, or doesn't offer enough surface area for big globs of wax or dry extracts, it's probably time for some new dabbing tools and accessories.

If you like the feel of a titanium dab tool, try a swiss-army style multi-tool for a bevy of options from pointed tips and spoon scoops to hooked pulls. If you're tired of titanium, pick up a quartz dab tool. Just like quartz banger nails, quartz dabbers are high quality, hold heat well, and look great to boot. Outside of titanium and quartz, handmade glass dabber tools are a great option for either a simple or extravagant dabbing tool kit.

Cap Your Dabs


If you're looking to get the most out of every dab, a quartz carb cap is probably the best dab tool you can find. Carb caps are placed on top of the nail as soon as you start inhaling the vapor to ensure that the potent smoke doesn't escape into the air, and to trap heat, keeping your nail at the perfect temperature for as long as possible.

There are plenty of options for unique dab tools when it comes to picking the perfect carb cap, with most head shops offering simple cylindrical nail covers to hand-blown bubble caps and directional carbs that make sure your dab covers as much surface area as possible.

Get a Top Shelf Torch


Nothing kills the mood at a dab session faster than a malfunctioning or over-intrusive blowtorch. So if you're still fishing out your dad's massive propane torch from the garage every time you want to take a dab, it's time to invest in a more practical at-home flamethrower.

There are plenty of torches made specifically for dabbing, including the incredibly popular Blazer "Big Shot," but you can also do the trick with a cooking torch sold at kitchen supply stores like Williams Sonoma. For even more precise heating, skip a torch altogether a buy an e-nail that uses electricity to give you the perfect low-temp dab every time.

Invest In an Infrared Thermometer

To take your dab tray to the next level, add an infrared thermometer gun to your arsenal to ensure your nail is at the perfect temperature before every dab. Usually used to check cooking temperatures and lately for human health checks amidst coronavirus, all you need to do is point your handheld digital thermometer at the bottom of your nail to know exactly when its time to drop and cap your next hit of live resin. It may seem like overkill, but if low temps are high on your list of dab priorities, infrared temp guns make for a perfect addition to your dab station.

Discover Dab Beads


For the true concentrate aficionado, no perfect dab is complete without the help of dab beads or terp pearls. These 4-6mm small marbles sit inside of a banger nail and help distribute both heat and concentrates to make sure your dabs cover as much surface area as possible.

Like most hand-made dabbing tools and accessories, terp pearls are typically made of quartz but are also available in glass, ceramic, and ruby. If aesthetics are your thing, dig deep and you can find colored dab beads that match your rig, nail, carb cap, or even torch.

Silicone Slip Mats are Life Savers


If there's one common complaint about dabbing on a whole, it is that the whole process is often incredibly messy. No matter how hard we try, sticky dabs end up covering not only our cool dab tools and rig but everything in the immediate vicinity. To mitigate that mess - or at least try to contain it - silicone slip mats are the perfect catch-all. Use your dab mat to hold your rig, torch, dab dish set, and other accessories and you won't have to worry about gooey gobs of concentrate being wasted on your desk or laptop.

Did we miss one of your favorite dab accessory essentials? Let us know what adds to your best dab experience in the comments below!


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