How to Have a Self-Care Day with Cannabis?

How to Have a Self-Care Day with Cannabis?

Published on 8/10/21

In today's times, life-changing historical events are happening at every single turn. Whether it be the looming global crisis or social issues that still have yet to be solved, there has arguably never been more of a time where we need to put our mental health first. Everyone loves a good self-care day, so why not ease into it with marijuana to secure the ultimate chill day. 

Benefits of Cannabis


This herb has been used for centuries and there are definitive reasons as to why that is. The cannabis sativa plant contains 100+ compounds, and the most well-known of those compounds is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. As one of the oldest healers and hallucinogens known to man, this compound works within the body through a system called the endocannabinoid system. Within this system, it regulates everyday bodily functions while working simultaneously with homeostasis to keep your body at equilibrium. 

Marijuana regulates pain, metabolism, appetite, energy, sleep and mood, along with several other things that make you, you. Lighting up with cannabis will deliver feelings of euphoria, as THC mimics anandamide, which is the natural bliss molecule of the brain, while also delivering sensory-altering properties. 

CBD, the other well-known compound of cannabis, is like a cousin to THC. While it doesn't have psychoactive properties, you'll find it to be an anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory lifesaver. This is another great go-to remedy for aching if you're not looking to feel high, as it combats the pain system response. 

How to Bring Weed into Your Self-Care Day 

Meditate it Out 

Few things go better together than marijuana and meditation, right? As you partake in cannabis of any kind, your inhibitions lower while inserting you into a completely relaxed and stress-free state. Once here, you can sit back and sink into your practice, noticing nothing but your breath. If you are one who always feels stressed or anxious, regular practice is known to have many emotional benefits such as a fresh perspective, increased self-awareness and more focus. 

Soak with a Cannabis Bath Bomb 

Few things are more relaxing than a cozy, warm bath to end the night. Not only is it comfy, but baths have also proven to improve heart health, help you breathe easier and benefit achy joints, muscles and bones. If you add the likes of a CBD bath bomb, expect even more beneficial properties. Expect a CBD-infused bath to not only bring an overwhelming sense of calmness, but also many moisturizing properties to the skin while you soak. 

Play Around with Microdosing 

The golden rule here at Where's Weed is that less is always more. You never want to be so high that you can't function (we've all been there, right?!). Weed can be a tricky substance and microdosing can help you stay on the right side of it. The dose will always depend on tolerance, so start as low as you possibly can and work your way up. The goal with microdosing is to achieve the therapeutic benefits without getting intoxicated. If you keep the dose right, you can do anything you're looking to achieve for the day. 

Start Your Day off with a Wake & Bake 

This one may be for the more experienced stoner, but it can be done by anyone if you take the right steps. This ritual is taking part in the act of consuming weed directly after waking up. If you find the right strain, have a delicious breakfast to go with it and keep hydrating, many people find that a nice joint is just as uplifting as a cup of coffee to get their mind right. You'll find yourself energized, creative, relaxed and in the right headspace to take on the day ahead. 

Add a Tincture or Topical 

If you aren't in the business of smoking, a tincture or topical is an attractive alternative. Tinctures and topicals are absorbed either through the skin or right under the tongue. Unlike most edibles that take a much longer time to kick in, tinctures set in rapidly. This method is the most seamless, simple way to consume cannabis on your self-care day so you can get back to pampering yourself. 

Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Great Self-Care Day Ahead


Slow & Low 

We touched on this above with microdosing, but it is something paramount to remember. Starting this way will almost always keep you in the clear when it comes to consuming cannabis, as you can always take more - but never less. While you want your self-care day to be a relaxing one, you don't want to be in a total couch-lock state, either. 

Plan it Out 

Having a wonderful, self-care day with marijuana means that you won't be boughed down with work or hard tasks to complete. So, know your schedule! Make sure it is a day that will have no inhibitions, so if that means running all the errands and sending all those emails the day before, then do it. Self-care days call for no responsibility. 

Pick the Right Strain

What kind of self-care day are you attempting to have? Is it a dance around, sing at the top of your lungs while you deep clean and organize your apartment day? Or is it a facemask, soaking in a bath, Netflix binging self-care day? Either way, you are in for a day, as long as the strain is going to keep up with your kind of day. If you're looking for that energizing, creative boost - grab your trusty sativa strain. Looking for a couch-lock day? Pick up that juicy indica instead. 

How do you bring cannabis into your self-care routine? What do you think about our ideas above? Give us your chill, zen tips in the comments below. 

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