Top 5 Cannabis Destinations to Visit in 2021

Top 5 Cannabis Destinations to Visit in 2021

Published on 2/7/21

2020 kept people in their homes like never before, and now people are itching to get out and explore again. We all have very high expectations for 2021, hopefully, as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, people will finally be able to hop off their couches and onto that next adventure. Even though things are still uncertain, we're optimistic for travel and have made a list of some of the hot spots for weed-themed destinations for 2021. 

Los Angeles, California


This may seem like an obvious choice, but this city is crawling with all things cannabis. Even though California wasn't the first state to legalize weed, it's probably more common to bring edibles than a bottle of wine to any 21+ dinner party here. 

To get the most out of the cannabis culture in L.A., relax at the Cannabis Cafe, which is one of the first cannabis smoking patios in the country. To see how all the magic happens, catch a cannabis tour, such as Green Tours, which allows you to further look into multiple state-of-the-art growing facilities. There is even a Stoned Video Game League, perfect for those who like to smoke up and sit on their couch for hours, where "athletes" even receive a free bottle of cannabis water. 

For some trippy art, check out the Wisdome. It's an avant-garde immersive art space and event center with events, like the Psychedelics Wellness Summit. Connect with the outdoors and hit the boardwalks in either Venice or Santa Monica for that famous California sunshine and culture. 

Anchorage, Alaska


This city, located on the Last Frontier, may surprise you. Anchorage (and the state of Alaska as a whole) has exploded since the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2014, being the third state to do so. It is the home to Frost Farms, the winner of many accolades in the past, even having a coveted "Best Sativa" award. 

With 54 million acres of federal parks and reserves, the nature options are quite literally endless. Anchorage specifically is home to a plethora of grows and has a nice variety of both high-end and low-cost options at well-cultivated dispensaries. If you're looking for some cannabis fun mixed with nature, this is the spot to visit. Check out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see the likes of bison, wolves and grizzlies. You can also check out the Anchorage Museum, Glacier Bay National Park or even smoke up before an Aurora Borealis helicopter tour. 

Anchorage is also home to a few 420-friendly stays, such as the Blue Dream Guest Suite and Bowman's Bear Creek Lodge, both central to downtown Anchorage. This city is also home to the Alaska Cannabis Expo, which is an event to spread education and positive growth for the cannabis community. 

San Francisco Bay Area, California 


San Francisco and the surrounding areas have arguably the highest tourism rates when it comes to cannabis today in the states. When 2016 came and brought recreational legalization to California, the area as a whole already had a defined marijuana culture for quite some time. 

In the Bay Area, you'll find an almost overwhelming amount of cannabis tours, well-cultivated dispensaries and a plethora of cannabis cuisine. Dispensaries in Berkley allow on-site consumption, so vapor lounges and dab bars are also popping up all over the area. If you're looking to blaze at a bar, check out Magnolia Wellness. Check out the Cannabis Creative Space to get those juices flowing, with 420-friendly pastry, painting and pottery classes. 

Visit a few of the area's famed parks, such as Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, to enjoy sunny northern California and some nice people watching. Or take in the home of the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 19070s at Haight-Ashbury. For those who enjoy fusing wine and cannabis, head into Sonoma County for the ideal pairing. You'll find tons of  tours like the "Sip and Smell Sunset" tour.  

Burlington, Vermont


If you're looking for a hippie city on the east coast, look no further than this Vermont hot spot. Cannabis culture is already booming, even though recreational measures just recently passed in 2018. This quaint city has already made a name for itself, showing that a strong cannabis culture can be somewhere other than the west coast. You'll find CBD restorative yoga classes, farm-to-body CBD stores and festivals like the Vermont Hemp Fest and the Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention. You can even find yourself in a cannabis-centric glassblowing or horticulture class.

If you're going to be in Burlington, you must take in the beautiful scenery around you. The city is also home to a thriving arts scene with eclectic museums and several beautiful ski resorts as well, such as the Bolton Valley Resort, Stowe or Smuggler's Notch. 

Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is the home to general debauchery, so it's no surprise that the city is such a hot spot for marijuana. Nevada legalized cannabis recreationally in 2016 and in July of 2017, those 21+ could legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Fast forward to today and now business is thriving. 

Las Vegas is home to the world's largest dispensary, called Planet 13. This dispensary is open 24/7 and considered an adult playground for all things weed. You'll find 420 bus tours, puff and paint classes and even wing shops with CBD-infused sauces on the menu. Even though you can't light up in a casino, there is still sure plenty of fun in the city! Be sure to check out a cannabis pastry class. Did you fall in love while visiting? You can even tie the knot at the Cannabis Chapel while you're there!

If you don't want to gamble away your life savings, there's still plenty to do! Rent an ATV, go mountain biking, visit the Hoover Dam or check out a stunning Cirque du Soleil show. If you're looking to get your blood pumping, check out the Adventuredome for activities to bring out the daredevil in you. 

What is your favorite city filled with cannabis culture? Do you plan on visiting any of these cities above? Let us know in the comments below. 

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