Best Video Games to Play While High

Best Video Games to Play While High

Published on 5/25/20

Edited Apr 13, 2022

It's fair to say that we've all spent a lot of time inside over the past two years. More than likely, it's been a little bit too much time for many. But with more than half of the American workforce comfortable working from home these days, it can be a challenge to separate yourself and disconnect after a long day in your home office!   So with that in mind, folks are always looking for fun, new experiences in the comfort of their own homes. For many, especially during the last two years or so, they've found exactly that through video games and visits to their local dispensary!

Both the cannabis industry and the legal weed industry had record years amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts saw spikes in sales for video games in the ballpark of $56.9 billion in 2020, a 27 percent increase from the previous year, while the legal weed industry raked in $17.5 billion, a 46 percent increase from the year before. Both the legal weed industry and the video game industry set sales records that year, and we're 100 percent sure that's not a coincidence! 

After all, legal weed and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly! It's a combo that nobody can deny if they've ever toked up before booting up their gaming console of choice. While some people might enjoy the experience of a board game, a podcast, or music to pair with their weed, this one goes out to the gamers out there! And with so many weed-friendly games on the market today, perfect for stoners to kill time and enjoy themselves in the comfort of their own home, we wanted to assemble a list of some of the best for our readers. After all, it can be hard to figure out what's worth playing and spending your hard-earned money on, especially when there are so many different options to enjoy! 

Top 3 Cannabis-Friendly Video Games

We here at Where's Weed are all about providing resources to our users. That's why, along with our helpful app that you can easily download to browse menus, search for your favorite strains, or locate the nearest medical or recreational dispensary, we provide comprehensive lists like this one! 

We pulled games from all of the major consoles, spanned multiple genres, and really did our research to provide you with a one-stop resource for the best video games to play high that are on the market today. So without too much further delay, let's get right into it!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Massive Role-Playing Game)

Almost any list worth its salt will have this game near the top. With its expansive world and story rich in lore and interesting stuff to explore, it's easy to understand why this game is a stoner essential. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was first released in 2011. Almost nine years later, it's still one of the most popular video games to play right now. Each player is thrust into an ancient, medieval world with the sole goal of helping shape the fate of Skyrim, a Nordic land that must fend off an empirical invasion and the return of long-dead dragons. Whether you choose to fight with a melee weapon like a sword or mace, a long-ranged weapon like a bow or magic spells, or opt for a stealthy character that slides into fortified castled undetected with only a dagger and element of surprise, this game is perfect when you have nothing else to do and an imagination that needs to be fed.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Hit a vape pen with a hybrid strain (i.e. Blue Dream) to help you dive deeper and get lost in this immersive world.

Available on: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Calming Life Simulation Game)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has quickly become one of Nintendo's top-selling games, and ultimately, one of the best video games for occupying yourself and killing time during the quarantine. All you need to do to get started is create your character, then play on a vacation island where you interact, explore, barter, fish, and help your many furry island friends throughout the day in various ways. People can easily get lost playing this game as you design your home, dig up fossils, make more quirky friends, and basically live your best video game life. We all know how helpful some cannabis can be when it comes to repetitive tasks, and the Animal Crossing experience is one chock full of repetitive tasks. It's simple and almost meditative, which will leave you especially satisfied when playing high.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Take one or two gummy edibles (i.e. Wana Fast-Acting Peach Bellini Sativa) to help you relax and better enjoy this calming little world. You'll be immersed and redecorating your in-game bedroom for the tenth time before you even know what's happening! 

Available on: Nintendo Switch

David OReilly

Everything (Reality Simulation Game)

This mind-boggling simulation game is an open-world experience unlike any other. If you're into narrative experiences and firmly believe that video games can be more than just mindless entertainment, even crossing over into art, then this is a must-play for you. You play as an evolving rotation of thousands of different characters, including inanimate objects, animals, sea creatures, plants, or insects! The point of the game is to explore the world, grow, discover, listen to a transient soundtrack, and unlock narrations from 20th-century philosopher, Alan Watts. While it might sound trippy and experimental on paper, it ends up coming together beautifully and working as a whole package seamlessly. If you're ready to really feel something, then Everything is the game for you!

Best Cannabis Pairing: A dab of a quality sativa concentrate (i.e. Chocolope) will get you ready for the existential nature of this trippy game.

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Best Video Games to Play While High: Honorable Mentions

We're all about firmly covering our bases here at Where's Weed. Thanks why, along with our comprehensive top-three list of the best games to play while high, we figured we would include some honorable mentions into the mix as well! After all, there were so many great, innovative, and entertaining options available for games today. 

So with that in mind, check out these next few games for when you finish the top three on our list!

Minecraft (Pixelated Sandbox Game)

This one easily could have made the list itself, if not for being edged out by Skyrim's better graphics and the interactive aspects of Animal Crossing. With that in mind, however, Minecraft is a stoner classic that you can boot up and spend hours doing pretty much anything you can possibly imagine! 

First released for the PC back in 2009, Minecraft has since become one of the most popular games in the world and one of the top Xbox games for the past few years. Using your trusty pickaxe and building skills to craft your own unique version of the world, Minecraft has you dig deep into the earth, climb up mountains, dodge lava, and outrun midnight creatures that want to blow up in your face. This one made our list simply because of how mindless it can be and just how creative it lets you become, a perfect combo for the stoner looking to kill time and keep themselves occupied for hours!

Best Cannabis Pairing: Roll a joint with a sativa strain (i.e. Green Crack) to keep you creative and ready for wherever this inexhaustible game leads you.

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Android, iOS

Fortnite (Addicting battle royal shooter)

A worldwide phenomenon, Fortnite has become one of the most popular video games to play right now. This third-person multiplayer shooter game drops you onto a gigantic map with 100 other players from around the world. As soon as you land, you must collect guns, explosives, and other weapons to kill enemies and build structures to keep within a closing barrier. Each of those 100 players is striving to survive to be the last player standing and win the coveted "#1 Victory Royale." If you're ready to defeat a bunch of 12-year old kids in digital combat (or get obliterated by them while they're creaming internet memes into their headsets), you should probably download this game sooner rather than later. Online features also make this an ideal game for remotely getting high with your friends.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Hit the vape pen with a sativa strain (i.e. Strawberry Cough) to stay frosty and be the last players standing at the end of a ridiculously unpredictable match.

Available on: PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Monument Valley 1&2 (Serene Puzzle Game)

If you're more into a mobile gaming experience than you are about consoles, then this next entry on our list will be right up your alley! For a mobile experience, Monument Valley and Monument Valley II offer incredible visuals and calming puzzle gameplay that you can enjoy on your cell phone. Players will attempt to work their way through optical illusions as Princess Ida to reach platforms and complete the mazes and advance the game. This game is great for sitting back on your phone and getting lost in the beautiful visuals and calming music of this amazing cannabis-friendly video game.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Smoke a joint with a solid hybrid strain (i.e. Lemon Kush) so you can relax and enjoy the artistic stylization, while also staying focused enough to solve the puzzles.

Available on: Android, iOS

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Euphoric racing game)

Another classic Nintendo entry on our list, Mario Kart is a high-energy racing game featuring bright colors, intricate courses, and classic Nintendo characters. You can spend hours racing around stellar tracks, dodging enemies, and attacking other competitors by throwing bananas and shells! With excellent online and split-screen features, this will go down as one of the best party games in the history of video games. Perfect for killing time by yourself and even better for social gatherings, this classic game will get the competitive juices flowing and show you who exactly your real friends are when the chips are down. Add some weed into the mix and this can provide a pretty crazy gaming experience for sure! 

Best Cannabis Pairing: Munch on some brownie edibles with a hybrid strain (i.e. OG Kush) and you're ready to laugh, be social and enjoy the wild animations.

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V (Massive Role-Playing Game)

Perhaps one of the most widely played and most comprehensively fun video games ever made, GTA V is the type of game you could sink a hundred hours into and not even notice. GTA is the type of game that forces players to sit back for hours and enjoy the unbelievable exploits of three fictional characters in the city of San Andreas (a fictional riff on Los Angeles). In Grand Theft Auto V, it's you versus everyone and the world is your oyster. Drive cars, mess with anyone or anything, and play through an award-winning story about the American dream and modern ideals. One of the best video games to play while high, this open-world masterpiece is ideal for sitting back and playing for hours on end.

Best Cannabis Pairing: Get ready for this crazy ride by smoking a joint with a sativa strain (i.e. Sour Diesel). Trust us, you'll want to a clear head for this one.

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

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