Best Superhero Movies & Shows to Watch High

Best Superhero Movies & Shows to Watch High

Published on 11/4/21

No genre of film captivates our attention with the simple idea of good guys vs. bad guys quite like superheroes. From the straightforward hero like Superman to the absolute antihero like Rorschach, from the supervillain like Joker to the sympathetic villain like Magneto, the best superhero movies are those that appeal to our super-sized sense of justice. We're living in the golden age of superhero movies, furthermore, and they pair quite well with a good strain of cannabis to create an afternoon of cape-clad action. Here are some of the best superhero movies to watch when baked.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins (Amazon Prime)

Recommended pairing: a high-energy sativa, like a Starburst.

GI Joe went from toy to comic book hero rather than vice-versa, making it a unique choice on the superhero movies list. The pathway to superhero has bred many supervillains and many super evil organizations, and the focus of the new film "Snake Eyes" is the emergence of the titular character and his training in the ancient Japanese Arashikage warrior clan. As you may be able to guess by the name, this isn't a traditional hero saga with a traditional hero. His background drives a story more complex than good and evil, but one that's filled with excellent action set-pieces sure to wow and dazzle.

Black Widow (Disney+)

Recommended pairing: a nice White Widow, of course.

Scarlett Johansen finally gets her standalone movie as Black Widow, making her one of the last original Avengers to receive that honor. Hers was one of the first and largest efforts to put one of the Marvel movies onto a streaming platform rather than releasing it directly, and the result has largely been a success. The film focuses on Black Widow's past and its influence on her role as an Avenger in the present, raising questions that had previously been unanswered and requiring Black Widow to shed her vulnerability to others.

The Suicide Squad (HBO Max)

Recommended pairing: a Wedding Cake hybrid that puts you just a bit out of your sanity.

The story of the villains is sometimes more rewarding than the story of the heroes. Villains, after all, get to break the rules in ways that heroes cannot, and if they are well-crafted and well-acted, we can end up rooting for them over the good guys. The Suicide Squad is the latest of the superhero DC movies, a sequel to the 2016 film of (nearly) the same name, and brings in new faces like John Cena as Peacemaker, stealing the show from many of the main characters. The end result is a movie where you are hoping the evil scheme successfully goes through.

Batman: The Long Halloween (Apple TV)

Recommended pairing: an OG Kush for the best experience with the OG hero and villain rivalry.

This animated TV special pits Batman against both friends and foes to discover a series of murders taking place through Gotham city. While Batman seeks to find the killer's identity, mainstays like the Joker move against the killer out of fear that they'll become second fiddle in the great city of crime. Dark and visceral, The Long Halloween is exactly what we want out of a Batman movie and the best shows to watch high: something to make us feel the grittiness of Gotham under our fingernails and to feel the pulse of our heart as each scene moves towards a climax.

Thunderforce (Netflix)

Recommended pairing: a Lemon Haze to put you in the mood to laugh.

Comedy lends itself well to superhero movies, especially when both hero and villain are the butt of the joke. Netflix's own brand of comedy superhero movies has given us Thunderforce, a film where Melissa McCarthy fights crime because of an invention that gives ordinary people superpowers. If you've seen any other Melissa McCarthy comedy, like "Spy" and "The Heat", you know her penchant for being in ridiculous situations. Thunderforce gives us that and more, making it a great choice for a superhero movie on Netflix that doubles as a great option to watch while high.

WandaVision (Disney+)

Recommended pairing: an indica like Northern Lights that takes you through time and space.

WandaVision was something new and dynamic in the world of comic books, a genre-busting TV show that wasn't afraid to play on our sense of the past. Featuring Elizabeth Olsen as the fantastic Scarlet Witch, WandaVision was a homage to media itself, to eras of different sorts of televisions and films and means of communication, a show both dynamic and nostalgic. 

What are your favorite superhero movies? Do you like Marvel or DC more than the other? Let us know about your favorites, including your favorite original comics, video games, or cannabis accessories, in the comments below!

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