Why You Should Be Using Hemp Wicks

Why You Should Be Using Hemp Wicks

Published on 11/6/21

It's 2021 and even though we have survived a global pandemic (barely!). Unfortunately along with that, we have a new set of problems to deal with. Places such as Canada and the Pacific Northwest reached unbearable, record-breaking temperatures this year. Even though big corporations need to step up and start changing their ways, it doesn't hurt whatsoever for us to make small, daily changes in hopes of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Let's step up our smoking game and opt for a more sustainable solution and grab hemp wicks instead of that butane lighter next time you find yourself sparking up that perfectly rolled joint

What is a Hemp Wick?

Hemp wicks are lengths of twine that are created from natural hemp fibers that have been covered in a layer of beeswax. It's an all-natural way to light up and has been around practically forever. When it is lit, a hemp wick burns nice, evenly and slow, making it the perfect alternative for lighting bongs, pipes, one-hitters, joints or anything else you can think of. 

What's the Story Behind the Hemp Wick?

Hemp wicks are such old-school technology, so they must have been around for a long time, right? Yes, hemp wicks have been around as long as cannabis has been around. This means that the hemp wick lighter you're using for lighting up was also used 10,000 years ago by the people who first discovered cannabis. Pretty cool thing to think about when you're getting stoned if you ask us. 

Why use hemp, you may ask? Hemp is extremely durable and strong and was once even one of the main crops grown in the US before being deemed illegal. With the Farm Bill of 2018, however, hemp has made a comeback with its sustainable uses being numerous. 

How Is a Hemp Wick Made?

You'll find that making these hemp wicks is a pretty simple process, so there is no wonder why this used to be such a popular tool for lighting up. First, you're going to start with hemp fibers, and twist them together to form a hemp twine. What makes it stay lit is the beeswax, so make sure to dip the twine into it, or else it's not going to do much for you. 

Why Use a Hemp Wick?


Sure, using a butane lighter or matches may be the more convenient way to smoke, but there are some tradeoffs. When using a butane lighter, your cannabis is burning at a very high temperature, which causes hotter smoke to be carried into the lungs as well as butane chemicals. These hot temperatures will also cause the yummy terpenes to burn off, which is one of the best parts of the cannabis experience. Even using matches will cause you to inhale glue, wood and other chemicals, whereas the hemp wick lighter is going to deliver a clean flame. 

When thinking of a hemp wick lighter, think of it as a low, slow-burning candlestick. The low temperature produces a cleaner, tastier hit of cannabis all while lasting longer and being more sustainable for the environment than a plastic lighter. If you've been wondering how long does hemp wick last, you're in for a treat. Expect the twine to last for the better part of a year. Just think of how many lighters you go through, or lose, in that time. 

Luckily for us, hemp wicks are widely available in many types of shops, so there shouldn't be too much fuss over where to buy hemp wick. Your local head shop or dispensary should carry some and massive corporations such as Walmart and Amazon also have them for sale online. If you want to shop small, you can find a local hemp wick dispenser on the likes of Etsy. 

How to Light Your Bowl with a Hemp Wick 

Grab the massive roll of hemp wick you have just purchased and peel away the tape that keeps the twine all together. Make sure to not drop it and unravel it entirely, or you're in for quite the time to gather what could be 400 feet of hemp twine. Once you have the freed strand of hemp wick and your joint or bowl packed and ready, light up the hemp wick with either a match or a butane lighter. Yes, we spoke above about how bad these two are, but don't worry. Once it has been lit, the portion that has been lit from either the butane or match will burn away completely, leaving you with a clean flame. 

Now you're all set, so grab your joint or bowl and light up! Just make sure to keep your hands steady. 

Have you dabbled with hemp wicks before? What's your favorite way to be a sustainable smoker? Tell us below!

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