Unique Bong Water Alternatives to Try Now

Unique Bong Water Alternatives to Try Now

Published on 10/17/21

Everyone has their favorite way to get baked. Some people love the quick and discrete aspect of a vape pen and others enjoy the art of rolling a perfectly packed joint. Maybe you consider yourself a lazy stoner and only opt for delicious edibles or cannabis-infused drinks. Each way is amazing and perfect in its own right, but there is one quintessential way to get baked that is timeless. Ripping a bong during a smoke session just hits different and will leave you feeling euphoric, like you're on another planet. Since you've probably been using a bong since high school, below are some ways so spice up your bong for the next session.

Bong Anatomy 101


It is important to note that not all bongs are created equally, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will even range in price from just dollars to hundreds more. Below are the basics of a bong, which was designed to be easy to use while getting baked as quickly as possible. 

For starters, you'll have the tube, which is also known as a vessel or the neck. It's the long, cylinder that brings up the smoke into the user's mouth. You may see these in a variety of ways, whether they be straight, angled or even placed in a custom manner. Next, you'll have the base which will often look similar to a beaker with a conic shape, but could also be round or a custom shape as well. The base is the lower-most portion of the bong and is the largest and widest part, too. This base is where you'll put the bong water, which is majorly important to the functionality of this piece. 

Next, you'll find the bowl, which is what holds your beloved herb atop the downstem. Make sure you have your trusty grinder around, as you'll want your cannabis to be a fine powder.

Finally, you'll have the downstem, which serves as a connective piece that is inserted through the base and into the water. This piece may be the most important, as it's the bridge between the bowl and the water of the bong, which is where all the magic will happen. 

How Does a Bong Work? 

Whether you have a $500 glass bong that was custom-made or got a plastic one up at your local head shop for $15, the science is all the same. Bongs filter and cool the smoke that comes from burning or lighting marijuana. When you light the bowl, the weed will combust. Meanwhile, as you'll simultaneously inhaling, the water in the base of the bong will be percolating (bubbling). The smoke will then rise from the chamber through the water and into your mouth and lungs, as you pull out the bowl from the downstem. 

Expect a cooler and smoother hit than with cannabis rolled in paper, as it eliminates the dry heat through the presence of water. 

Bong Water Alternatives & Additions 

Sparkling Water in Bong


If you're new to the game of using different things to put in bong water, starting here is a nice little introduction to get your feet wet. Sparkling water is great because you won't find any added sugar, which is ideal for the stoner that doesn't clean their bong too often. Flavored sparkling water in bongs provides just a bit of flavor that can still pack a punch, especially on the exhale. Due to the carbonation, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the refreshing and extra cooling sensations from the smoke. 


A Gatorade bong is one of the most popular alternatives out there, and who doesn't love some added electrolytes when they are smoking, right? Gatorade typically doesn't have an overpowering flavor, so substituting Gatorade for plain water will spice things up, but just a bit. You'll find that there is a nice chilling sensation while exhaling, just don't forget to clean out the bong afterward since Gatorade is packed with sugar.

Cranberry Bong Water


Fruit juice in general is always a nice additive with your bong water, but cranberry juice deserves its own, special recognition. Cranberry juice delivers a tartness while also adding a bitter quality, and its high acidity may even help you keep your bong cleaner for longer. Be a true cannabis connoisseur and freshly press your cranberry juice for maximum vitamin C intake and better hits. 

Essential Oils 

There's no wonder why this would make it on the list, as essential oils are key in aromatherapy and have terpene-rich profiles across the board, just like cannabis! Adding essential oils is said to be a soothing experience, but remember, a few drops is all you need. Essential oils are heavily concentrated. Smoking peppermint oil is extremely popular due to not only the cooling aspects but the healing properties as well. It's a great remedy for clearing sinuses and the throat while aiding in nausea. 



Here is another nice spin from the traditional, often mundane bong water. Not only will you find smoother and longer-lasting hits, but the warm water could be perfect for a cozy, cold night's smoke session. You'll be able to warm up your hands just by holding the bong, while then warming up inside when you inhale. Make sure the tea isn't too hot, however, as cheaply made glass bongs could shatter

How to Clean Your Bong 

While there is a plethora of 420 friendly cleaning products for your bong, we often opt for the homemade remedy here at Where's Weed. Your key ingredient is isopropyl alcohol, especially when it comes to glass pieces. Simply mix the alcohol with salt to to create some sort of agitation, so you'll be sure to get the toughest gunk off any bong. For a more in-depth answer, check out our article here

Have you ever experimented with your bong water? Have you liked these alternatives or were they downright gross? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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