Top 5 Card Games to Play When High

Top 5 Card Games to Play When High

Published on 1/27/22

An evening at the game table can be the perfect solution to the winter blues. Games of cards date back hundreds of years, a reflection of how popular they are as a way to bond with friends and family. Today, you can find thousands if not millions of card games in many forms: using traditional decks, using specialty cards made for a specific game, or incorporating cards into other types of games or competitions. Spark some good bud to make them marijuana card games and you've got all the ingredients for an evening of laughter and fun.

The board game industry is growing by about 13% per year, making it nearly twice as strong as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Card games are a key component, especially as party games like Cards Against Humanity become smash hits. Indeed, some games contain extra content, such as expansion packs, because they have proven to be so much fun that people want more. Just like new types of marijuana are constantly hitting the scene, so too are new types of card games becoming more and more popular, and the best stoner games pair quite well with good weed.

Here are some of the very best card games to play when high. 



Recommended pairing: a Sour Diesel to put you in a commanding mood.

A game that uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards, President is known by many other names, including Asshole. The element of fun comes in the consequences of winning or losing each hand. The first person to get rid of their cards is crowned President and not only gets to exchange two bad cards for two good cards but gets to order around everyone else. The last person to get rid of their cards is the scum, who gives up whichever two cards the President desires and must be the lackey of everyone outranking them. This is one of the best card games to play while high because of the simple childish joys: ordering around your friends, getting good cards, and feeling joy when you climb from last to first.


Recommended pairing: a Cookie Monster that gives you the sweet taste of victory.

The deck-building game known as Dominion comes down to a simple proposition: gather the most Victory Point cards before they all run out. To do that, you need money; to get money, you need a good deck; to get a good deck, you need to make careful choices. Or, if you can't make careful choices, just buy a lot of Marketplaces. Dominion is unique for a fantasy game that's one of the best games to play while high in that there's no real violence to speak of. Despite having knights and brigands and castles, cards can't exactly fight one another, although you can sabotage opponents. Instead, you've got to decide how best to spend limited resources and develop a powerful deck that gives you an upper hand each turn.



Recommended pairing: an OG Kush to get you in the mood for an OG spymaster. 

How well can you think of ways to connect ideas that are as different from each other as peanut butter and opera? Codenames puts you in the position where you must get your partner to come up with the correct cards based on nothing but thematically similar choices. It requires a fair bit of mental flexibility, which is what makes it one of the best games to play when high: you can better understand how to connect separate concepts once you have some THC flowing through you.


Recommended pairing: a Starburst to make it harder to remember what numbers are what.  

99 is the simplest and fastest of the best games to play when high on this list. You take a deck of playing cards and give every player two of them. Each player lays down a card, adds its value to the total as they go; face cards count as 10, nines count as zero, and tens count as negative 10. The first person to go over 99 loses. It's hard because it goes quickly and because you have to do addition that you may last have done in second grade, trying to quickly think about what number you should be at if the current count is 38 and you play a 5. 

Monopoly: Deal


Recommended pairing: a Berry White to get your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

The standard board game of Monopoly has been tearing families apart for nearly a century. Monopoly Deal promises the ability to continue the tradition, but in a (much) shorter fashion. Deal is a simple card game where players collect money and properties, trying to bankrupt rivals and build an empire. The twist is that while some cards are money and some are properties, there's a third type: action cards that allow you to steal properties or even entire property sets. Doing so may infuriate their prior owner and lead to a vendetta, but what would be the point of Monopoly if you couldn't throw your most treasured relationships to the wind in the name of victory?

Do you enjoy playing different types of card games or board games? What games do you think pair best with marijuana? Let us know in the comments below!

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