Top 5 Game Shows to Watch While High

Top 5 Game Shows to Watch While High

Published on 5/26/22

Game shows are a perfect way to unwind after a long day, the ideal background show to put on while making dinner or loading up the bong. Game shows, after all, combine many of our favorite things in life: knowing the correct answer, learning new things, and laughing at the terrible responses of participants. Here are some of the very best shows to watch high as a giraffe.


There's a reason that Jeopardy! is at the top of the best game shows in the world, by a country mile, and not just because it's so brilliantly parodied on Saturday Night Live time and time again. Jeopardy is everything a good game show should be: it is full of interesting trivia, has the potential to win plenty of money, and is easy to play along with at home. Although Alex Trebek has passed away, the show continues to roll along and is still a mainstay of evening broadcasts. So much of the fun of the show is never knowing what will appear on the title card, including the chance of a Double Jeopardy where the big bucks can be made. It's the perfect show to expand your knowledge and prove that you know more than the participants on stage.

Recommended pairing: a classic Sour Diesel for a classic game show.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


You might be forgiven if you thought Who Wants to Be A Millionaire went off the air a decade ago. However, after recycling several hosts, going from the Regis Philbin's classic to Meredith Viera and Terry Crews, the show remains in full gear. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire has changed a shade since its heyday - you can still win a million, although the value of your prize decreases in increments as you go along up to the ultimate prize, meaning that you don't get as much as a reward if you don't go as far. Even so, it provides a bevy of great trivia questions that are second to none in terms of novelty and intrigue. It's one of the best stoner shows because the ambiance gets you best when you're baked: you feel like the pressure is on you, even when sitting on your couch far away from the studio.

Recommended pairing: a Starburst that may not jog your memory but will make you enjoy a question you forgot the answer to.

Master Minds

Fans of Jeopardy know about Ken Jennings but may not have heard of his next step on the game show circuit. Master Minds is his newest angle on television trivia, a show on Game Show Network that pits Jennings against three contestants who try their luck to defeat the expert and win cash prizes. It follows a similar format to the old Comedy Central show Win Ben Stein's money, a unique spin on game shows where the sharpest talent has to ultimately take on the big cheese. It's one of the best game shows to watch high because it amplifies the difficulty with each round, meaning that the tension ramps up at each segment of the show.

Recommended pairing: a Cookie Monster that provides a great taste as you try to match your wits against a trivia genius.

Cash Cab


By far the most unique game show on television today, Cash Cab is perfect for the dramatic and the intellectual alike. It springs its participants with the option to win cash prizes as they go from point A to point B, and the entertainment factor is accelerated along with the cab itself. Cash Cab demands a lot from both riders and viewers since there's a very limited amount of time with each question. With the pressure on, you can't help but start biting your fingernails when you know the answer, but the participants don't.

Recommended pairing: a Berry White, a delicious hybrid strain that makes your mind spin. 

25 Words or Less

Brevity is the essence of wit, said Shakespeare. If you believe in that principle, you may enjoy 25 Words or Less, hosted by former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire taskmaster Meredith Viera. The intrigue of the show is that contestants get a limited amount of words and letters to guess what the entire phrase is, meaning that there's a good chance that viewers get it before they do. It's fun in part because you may often get the answer before participants do, meaning that you end up yelling at your television in the hopes that they can hear you through the screen.

Recommended pairing: a Sour Maui that gets your emotions up so that you feel like you're the one on the show.

Do you have any favorite game shows? Have you ever been on a show and won any money? Let us know in the comments below!

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