Benefits of Using Cannabis Flower

Benefits of Using Cannabis Flower

Published on 8/10/21

As the cannabis industry has grown, evolved, and matured in states like California, Colorado, and Washington, cannabis users have seen a massive variety of new cannabis-infused products become available for quick and easy use. There is now a wealth of THC and CBD-filled disposable vapes, creams, edibles, beverages, concentrates, and even capsules and inhalers for patients and recreational users alike to take advantage of. With all of that in mind, it might be easy to forget about simple, old-school cannabis flower!

This article is going to break down the many benefits of sticking to cannabis flower, why those benefits matter for medical cannabis patients, and how to get the best out of the cannabis flower you have already!

The Many Pros of Cannabis Flower

So why should you still opt for simple cannabis flower on your next trip to the dispensary? Well, there's a few reasons why every cannabis user, and specifically medical patients, shouldn't be so quick to dismiss cannabis flower for other options.

Northern Lights x Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis flower - marijuana bud
Northern Lights x Cinderella 99 by Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis bud/flower.

Familiarity of Use

First and foremost, familiarity should certainly be a factor. If you've enjoyed some of the most common forms of cannabis consumption - joints, blunts, bong rips, bowls, etc. - you've likely enjoyed some cannabis flower. From the perspective of simplicity and ease of use, cannabis flower is among the easiest ways to consume and enjoy the benefits of your medicine as a medical cannabis patient.

Smoking cannabis flower is fast-acting, getting the healing, pain-reducing cannabinoids into your system quicker than most methods to ease symptoms of serious illnesses faster, and is simple to do. When it comes to, for example, rolling a joint at home with cannabis flower from the dispensary all you'll need is a lighter, a filter, and some rolling papers and you're good to go.

Other forms of medication have some serious downsides. Edibles and pills can take a while to kick in and can be difficult to dose, concentrates can be overwhelming in both their forms of consumption and their overall strength, and infused creams don't come much in handy for easing pain in hard-to-reach areas or for those with serious mobility issues. Smoking or vaping some simple cannabis flower is a simple and easy way to get the most of your medicine without the downsides and difficulties of other forms of medicine.

Ease of Dosage

Speaking of downsides, it's worth noting that raw cannabis flower is much easier to dose than any other form, although getting an accurate number on the amount of cannabinoids in every puff or toke is difficult. It's well-known that edible forms of medication can be notoriously tricky to get the dosage right, but let's compare some other forms to how precise you can be with cannabis flower.

With cannabis-infused oil vapes, you have to trust that the cannabinoid and terpene ratios are accurate. Thankfully, testing requirements are improving, and measuring cannabinoid intake can be easier with a high-quality vape pen. While the directions on the package can give you a decent idea of how much medicine you're getting per pull on the vape, multiple different factors like lung capacity, tolerance, and weight can change that math.

With cannabis flower, you can quickly and easily measure out the amount of cannabis you want to use with just a simple food scale and some trial and error. If you want to get an idea of how much  CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids there are in the weight you are using, simply look at the test results. If it's given as a percentage, you can simply get a calculator and multiply the weight by the percentage. It may not be completely accurate, but for many vaping or smoking cannabis flower is their ideal method of ingestion, as the effects are immediate and far easier to control compared to edibles.

Starting with Leafwell's often-recommended "slow and low" policy on dosage, you'll measure out a small starting dose of cannabis flower. Once you smoke that dose, see how it affects you. If you're not getting your desired effects, try a bit more. Keep that process going until you get to the right dosage, then you'll know how much cannabis flower is enough. Simply put, this process wouldn't work for oil vapes.

Versatility of Uses

Another factor to consider is the versatility of cannabis flower. Nearly all of the other forms of consumption you can get at your local dispensary come from cannabis flower anyways. Plus, most are more expensive than the flower itself. So why not buy the flower and then make whatever you're looking for yourself? If you want to avoid smoking cannabis flower, you can always vape it or make an edible or tincture of your own.

Making cannabis edibles and oils is relatively simple and easy, and if you're a dedicated cannabis aficionado you can even make some concentrates of your own! While it might take a little bit of work and research to figure out how to do it, making cannabis products of your own out of the cannabis flower you're buying is a great way of saving money and controlling the dosage of your own products!

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