What Does Kush Mean in Cannabis?

What Does Kush Mean in Cannabis?

Published on 7/3/21

We always have a few select strains that we searching for at the dispensary, but what do we really know about their lineage? One of the most sought-after strains these days, and always, is the Kush strain - but how much do you really know about it? Below is all you need to know about the Kush plant, its origins and what makes it one of the best strains in the world of weed. 

The Origins of Kush Cannabis


Whenever you hear the word Kush within the framework of marijuana, you know it's nothing to be messed with. If your friend brings it to a session, you are in for an excellent time. There are a plethora of Kush strains, but what was the first one? Or what is Kush, even? The term "Kush" according to the dictionary, is a slang term for cannabis, named after the Hindu Kush region which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan, just north of the Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. This area of the world is known for conflicts and has a rich cannabis and hashish history.

Kush made its way back East through those on the "Hippie Trail", which occurred in the 1960s and 1970s and was a group of people who traversed Europe to South Asia in seek of an alternative lifestyle. This all occurred before the self-appointed king of Afghanistan declared hashish illegal in 1973. 

Kush Weed Characteristics 

Hindu Kush strains are some of the finest in the world, as they have grown for centuries in the lush valleys within the Himalayan mountain range. The plants usually appear to be short and stocky, almost like bushes with huge, shiny trichomes ready for harvesting. Most kush strains are indiscas and will always deliver that famous couchlock feeling that is known for indica strains. Other Kush effects include pleasant euphoria, feelings of relaxation, pain relief and an overall sleepy feeling. Going to light up one of these famous Kush strains? Expect a sharp pine scent, with a pungent yet earthy aroma.   

Popular Kush Strains 

OG Kush

You probably saw this one coming, but you cannot talk about Kush strains without mentioning the best one to ever do it. This one first came out of Florida, when a strain was crossed with Lemon Thai, Chemdawg and a Hindu Kush plant all the way from Amsterdam. It boasts a THC content of around 18%, with a unique terpene profile that has aromas of fuel, spice and skunk. Enjoy this iconic strain on the back end of your day, to ease the stresses and wash away the anxiety from the day. OG Kush is now the backbone of most west coast strains and rules Los Angeles to this day.

Purple Kush 

Purple Kush is another fantastic strain that is a pure indica emerging from Oakland, California as a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. With a terpene profile dominant in myrcene, you'll find that this strain will deliver a blissful, lengthy euphoric high. Expect a nice physical relaxation that is also a perfect pain reliever, which will eventually cause one to drift off into the best night's sleep. The THC composition can range from 17% to anywhere around 27% and was even named a Top 10 Kush Strain by High Times. The aroma is typical of Kush strains, so you'll get a subtle earthy smell paired with a grape-like taste

Girl Scout Cookies

Did you know that this popular strain is a descendent from a Kush lineage? This hybrid strain is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, coming in at a THC content of around 20%. It contains the classic effects of Kush, producing blissful feelings with an overall sense of relaxation to follow. The Girl Scout Cookies strain is prevalent with the medicinal community as it can ease symptoms related to chronic pain and nausea. With a name like that, one should expect a fun flavor profile to go with it, right? You'll taste notes of mint, lemon and cherry. 

Master Kush 

Otherwise known as Grandmaster Kush or High Rise, this popular indica comes from the Dutch White Label Seed Company out of Amsterdam and comes from two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region. Master Kush has a THC composition of 18% that produces an earthy and citrusy smell with a hint of incense. You'll feel a full-body relaxation yet won't be down for the count for the rest of the day. Instead, you'll find a heightened sensory awareness that can accomplish any activity

Do you think Kush strains live up to their hype? Do you have a favorite Kush strain? Tell us what you light up with in the comments below. 

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