Smelly Weed Solution: How to Make A Sploof

Smelly Weed Solution: How to Make A Sploof

Published on 7/13/22

A simple rule of thumb when it comes to smoking cannabis is that other people will notice. Even when you are discrete, it is easy to smell the unique odor of good ganja drifting on the wind. After all, they don't call it skunk weed because it smells good. If you've mastered cannabis arts, such as how to roll the perfect joint, you can try your hand at the next level of stoner engineering: creating a sploof. This simple mechanism filters out the smoke particulates of cannabis. A sploof reduces or even eliminates the odors associated with the hobby. Like all aspects of stoner engineering, there's no consensus on the best sploof design. However, sploof weed devices allow you to enjoy your favorite strain without needing to jam a towel under the door. That makes them worth their weight in (Acapulco) gold.

Why Use A Sploof?

The first question you may be wondering is, does a sploof work? The answer there is a solid yes. While no sploof can eliminate 100% of cannabis smoke, the filtration will do quite a bit to eliminate the sight and smell. Cannabis smoke seems like nothing more than air, but it is a chunky substance. Exhaling it through a filter will capture most of the particulate matter. A sploof can reduce about 99% of the smoke particulates, resulting in minimal scent. The reduction in smoke means that the smell will not stick to furniture or clothing. Additionally, removing the smoke means fewer stains on paint or fabric.

Sploofs are not just to cover your skin but also to help others. Some people do not like the smell of cannabis, while others have conditions like asthma that make it difficult to breathe around smoke. Sploofs make it possible to be a courteous toker so that you do not expose everyone around you to the experience.

What's in a Name

The term "sploof" may sound silly, but their usefulness and efficiency speak for themselves. How well does a sploof work? Look no further than the fancy, high-tech sploofs sold on Amazon, where best-selling items have high-star reviews indicating how well they work. They're especially popular among those smoking weed for the first time who are nervous about getting caught. While a high-end sploof will not cost more than twenty dollars, there is no need to fork over money since homemade is just as good as store-bought. In fact, homemade sploofs are something of a rite of passage among stoners. Once you have learned how to roll a joint, you should learn how to create a sploof. 

DIY Sploofs


If you are wondering how to make a sploof, the good news is that you only need a few items. All of them are cheap and pretty easy to find around the house, furthermore. You will need an airtight tube, such as a plastic bottle cut in half or a cardboard paper towel roll. This tube will house the smoke itself when you exhale. Next, you need a filter: a dryer sheet will do just fine. Finally, you need a good rubber band, hair tie, or duct tape to keep the first two materials airtight. Unlike fancy stoner devices like dab rigs, a sploof is not complicated. You use the rubber band to attach the dryer sheet to the end of the tube. Exhale the smoke through the tube so it hits the filter. Throw away the homemade sploof at the end, or wash out the filter if you want to use it again.

Sploof Substitutions

As with everything in life, sometimes you do not have the materials on hand that you want. Do not worry if you only have cheap dryer sheets and wonder whether they will pull their weight, do not worry. The best dryer sheets for sploof manufacturing, in fact, are the cheaper ones. Quantity can be more important than quality: remember that you can use as many layers as you need. 

The process of how to make a sploof without dryer sheets is not challenging, furthermore. Other filters, like a bamboo air filter, will cost more but work harder to eliminate cannabis smoke. If you have access to higher-end materials, such as a charcoal filter from a fish tank, your sploof will not leave any smoke behind. The process of making a sploof with activated carbon (such as a charcoal filter) is similar because the filter has to sit at the end of the tube. So long as it remains connected airtight, it will keep smoke from getting out.

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