Types of Bowls, Bongs & Slides: What's the Difference? Which Will Get Me Higher?

Types of Bowls, Bongs & Slides: What's the Difference? Which Will Get Me Higher?

Published on 6/18/22

Most stoner technology is not that complicated. You may not know how to roll a joint with all the skills of Cheech and Chong, but you will not need anything more than papers and a roach. However, a bong is a horse of a different color because it has many moving parts. To be a marijuana master, you should understand the different parts of a bong. Bongs are not as complicated as a dab rig, but they require a bit more understanding than a simple spliff. What is the difference between a bong's many parts, and how do they help you get higher than a 747?

The Bowl

Just as a glass bowl helps you smoke cannabis directly, bong bowls hold the physical bud needed for a smoking session. A bong bowl is meant to be removed once it's time for the big inhale, which is why they are designed in a sleek fashion. The bong bowl piece sits within the part of the device called the neck or the joint. The stem of the bowl fits neatly within the glass pipe. Typically, these bowls come in three different sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. The 14mm bowl is the most common because bongs, just like Goldilocks, usually function best in the middle of the pack. While you can sometimes get away with fitting a 14mm into an 18mm socket, it is always best to match the exact size. 

Bowls come in two forms, male and female. As you can imagine, the male slides down into the tube while the female bong bowl slides on top of the piece. It would help if you had the matching custom bong bowl to the tube, or else you will be left with a bowl that does not stay on the piece. 

The Slides


Sometimes a bowl will be called a slide since it quickly slides in and out of the socket. Technically, however, bong slides and bong bowls are not always the same thing. That's because not all bowls fit onto the top of a bong socket, while a slide should be able to fit within the tube. A cheaper pipe, sometimes known as "China Glass," has a slide and a bowl together. While this can be easier to clean, it does not always function smoothly.

Bong slide sizes are no different overall from bowl sizes since both need to be attached to a specific pipe fitting size. Make double certain that you have the correct sizing, or else you will have to buy a second one!

Choosing Your Pipes

How do you determine what you want if you have never purchased a bong before? For starters, you should know what you want from a smoking hobby. An expensive, high-end bong will undoubtedly take you to the moon (and make you a popular person in your friend group). However, high-end bongs require much more maintenance than a simple plastic piece. A silicone bong, by contrast, can be thrown into the dishwasher once they start getting gunk. The best bong bowls can be delicate or durable, depending on whether you need 

Additionally, consider the quantity that you want to smoke with each toke. A bong hits harder and faster than a simple piece, meaning that you do not need the biggest bertha if your goal is to have a little tipple. Finally, think about the aesthetics of the piece. Bong bowls for sale are works of art just as much as functional smoking devices. They should reflect your personality and your decor.



Sometimes, the most important part of any cannabis purchase comes down to just one thing: does it get you high? And if it does, then how high will you go? Bongs are already the heavy puncher in the cannabis game, capable of getting you from zero to sixty with a single lungful. Meant for power and for letting many people take their turn, the best bong bowls can contain a lot of cannabis, typically several grams in a go. Some giant bongs may even be able to fit an entire quarter ounce. As you can imagine, an 18mm bowl will contain the most cannabis for your smoking pleasure.

The amount of smoke that moves through the bong bowl will also affect how much gets through the rest of the piece and into your system. A male bong bowl has a smaller opening but better filtration capabilities. A female bong bowl has a larger opening, allowing more ash to make its way through. 

Do you prefer any particular bong rig? How have you set up a different smoking device? Let us know in the comments below!

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