How to Roll a Kief Joint

How to Roll a Kief Joint

Published on 9/16/22

Are you looking for a way to put your kief to good use? Rolling it into a kief joint is a great way to use that stash of kief that's been building over time, but rolling the perfect joint is slightly different from traditional types of cannabis joints. So, you may be asking, "how do you roll a kief-infused joint?" Fortunately for you, we've got the experience and tips you need to make an enjoyable joint from your kief.

What Is Kief?

Kief is part of the cannabis plant. More specifically, kief is part of trichomes and can be identified as the crystal formation at the top of each resin gland. Trichomes are where a large majority of cannabis cannabinoids are stored (like THC and CBD), and as such, kief is massively concentrated with high amounts of these things as well. It's easy to remove from the cannabis and has a much lighter and more powdery body than other aspects of the cannabis plant.

There are several methods to collect the kief from your cannabis, the easiest of which is using a three-chamber grinder that has a separate storage compartment just for your kief. After using this type of grinder a few times, you'll find yourself with a respectable collection of kief in the bottom chamber. Another method includes using a fine mesh screen as a sifter to separate kief from your bud. The screen method is ideal for large quantities of cannabis at a time, while the grinder works best for individual use and collection over time.

Once you've collected your kief, your options for what to do with kief are extensive. The most popular options include making moonrocks, hash, rosin, cannabutter, and sprinkling the kief into a joint. We'll focus on this last option because rolling a kief joint can be a little more complicated than you might assume.

How to Roll a Kief Joint

Because it is so powdery and resinous, it can be messy and challenging to learn how to use kief in joints and harsh to smoke because all of that sticky resin burns hot and fast. To roll a kief joint, we need to be a little creative and bring some flower into the mix. Of course, because kief is so potent, a kief joint will be worth it if you're looking for something with a lot of punch.

There are several ways to create a kief joint, including dipping your joint in cannabis oil and then rolling it in kief (which will stick to the oil) or sprinkling kief throughout your ground bud before rolling your joint. We are going to focus on a slightly different version that's sure to get you good and high.

1. Collect Your Kief

As mentioned above, the easiest way to collect kief is to use a grinder with a chamber that specifically collects kief from each bud you grind. No matter how you get it, whether you sift, grind, or buy it at a local dispensary, you need a generous amount of kief that is separated from cannabis bud. Pure kief will look like an off-white, while kief that hasn't been properly sifted will retain a greenish color.

2. Roll A Kief Joint

Once your kief is separated, take rolling paper and gently apply a small layer of hash oil on the inside. Then, place your kief on top of the hash oil (this will ensure your kief doesn't fall out of the joint as easily) and roll a kief-only joint.

3. Create A Bigger Joint

Put your smaller kief joint to the side for a moment and start work on a larger joint. You can use a larger sheet of rolling paper or make a blunt with a tobacco leaf or a hollowed-out cigar/cigarillo. Fill this larger joint/blunt with ground cannabis, then lay your kief joint in the middle. Next, roll it up so that you have a joint within a joint.

4. Coat Your Joint in Kief

Finally, add a layer of hash oil on the outside of your combo joint and then roll it in kief. The exterior of your joint should not be coated in kief for a final layer. To complete your joint, we suggest rolling this up in a tobacco leaf to keep the outer layer of the leaf securely attached to the joint. And just like that, you have an epic kief joint!

Other Types of Joints and Blunts to Roll

A kief joint is an excellent way to add more intensity to your smoking experience, and it's great for making sure you use every bit of the plant you're grinding up. If you enjoy rolling a kief joint, there are many other types of joints and blunts you should think about giving a shot. Of course, there is the traditional marijuana joint, which is quick and easy to roll. Then there are spiffs, a mixture of cannabis and tobacco that gets you a little less high but increases the longevity of your cannabis. There are also blunts, which are created by rolling cannabis in a tobacco leaf or packing it into a hollowed-out cigar (these are also usually the biggest).

Do you roll kief joints? Let us know what your tips and tricks are for smoking kief! Comment below.

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