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What marijuana does to your sex life

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Fun Posted Dec 9 2018

Popular marijuana propaganda has existed for nearly a century and now that the plant is legal in many places around the world researchers are doing their best finding out the truths and lies in what we believe about cannabis. It's long been believed that consuming marijuana hinders sexual functions and drive, but as more states around the U.S. legalize the data being collected is suggesting that's not true at all. There are quite a few products available in legal states claiming to either increase libido or sexual functions and many people are standing by those products. It seems the real trick with cannabis is a proper dose because the right amount could absolutely increase euphoria and orgasm during sex for some, however taking too much could make it too hard to focus on the moment. One thing most professionals can agree on is that more research on the subject is needed to be able to tell what the positive and negative side effects are and how dose effects different people.

Bone, who frequently prescribes medical marijuana to women who have low libidos, anxiety, or difficulty orgasming, says that the sexual effect of marijuana can vary greatly. “It’s not like the more, the better,” she says. “Maybe some amount will relax you and make you more open to sensations and less inhibited with your body, but if you get super stoned, you’re not going to be able to concentrate.” Some of her patients have said that suppositories or weed lubricants are great; others say that they’re far too intense.

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