Maine approves recreational marijuana use

Maine approves recreational marijuana use

Published on 11/10/16

This week Maine joined the growing list of states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and over. It was a close race and took almost 2 days to count, but Yes on 1 came out on top by a fraction of a percent. Retailers and social clubs will be allowed to sell the drug with a 10% tax. Tokers will only be able to smoke in a private residence or nonpublic space. Not only will the recreational marijuana program create jobs for marijuana retailers, there is also a growing job market for companies revolving around the industry that don't ever touch the plant like financial services, security, accounting, transportation and marketing. 

Question 1 makes it legal for a person 21 or older to use marijuana. The state will put a 10% sales tax on the drug and allow social clubs and retail groups to sell it.

The law will allow people to use it in a nonpublic space or in a private residence and institute a sales tax, with 98% of revenue from sales taxes going to a general fund.

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