Top 6 Strains High In Bisabolol

Top 6 Strains High In Bisabolol

Published on 12/5/22

Each terpene that you find in cannabis has a variety of properties and benefits. Terpenes are not unique to cannabis: as just one example, the terpenes that grow naturally in tea leaves contribute to its taste and caffeine content. Some advanced potheads have found that they prefer individual terpenes, experimenting with types and strains until they discover the ones that help them best function, even buying them directly. The bisabolol terpene is one especially popular type of terpene, despite the fact that cannabis produces this terpene in lower quantities than some other plants. What is the bisabolol terpene, how does it affect users, and which strains have the highest amounts?

What's in a Name

Terpenes are a natural hydrocarbon produced by plant essential oils. Just like the essential oils of, say, an orange will have a natural orange scent, so too do terpenes in cannabis provide particular smells, tastes, or blood chemistry effects. These smells or effects are meant to ward off predators (like caterpillars) while attracting pollinators (like bees). Terpenes in cannabis do not provide the engine for THC or CBD, but they nevertheless affect how you experience a sensation of being high. Some are sedatives, for example, that make you sleepy. Bisabolol, in particular, is valuable as an anti-inflammatory, which is why it is a common terpene in medicinal cannabis.

The bisabolol terpene is divided into two subgroups, the alpha bisabolol terpene, and the beta bisabolol terpene. In general, the term "bisabolol" most often refers to the alpha group. The beta group is less common, with fewer effects on people, meaning that most of the attention goes toward the alpha group. The alpha is common not just among potheads but also among other industrial manufacturers: you can find it in soaps and shampoos, for example, that market themselves as soothing or developed for sensitive skins. In what plants is bisabolol found? In addition to cannabis, it is common in pine trees and citrus plants, which is partially a reason why cannabis may resemble the scent of these other plants.

Girl Scout Cookies

One of the more popular strains on the market today, Girl Scout Cookies are an indica-dominant hybrid that has a decent quantity of both THC (19%) and CBD (1%). They do indeed taste like the Thin Mint cookies sold door-to-door, a reflection of their cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. The bisabolol terpenes in Girl Scout Cookies give it a calming effect, with users reflecting on its relaxation properties. With a citrus scent and flavor, it is popular among recreational and medicinal users.

Black Lime

Head into a dispensary, and you may only find Black Lime on the back shelves. With just 15% THC content, this is a midgrade weed, or even a step below, and is not meant to get you so blazed that you forget your middle name. Instead, its calming effects make it a valuable sleep aid that gives a kick of euphoric feelings before mellowing out. The myrcene terpenes combined with the bisabolol in this strain can be sedating and relaxing, making it great for the last toke of the day before bed.


Perhaps you have never tried a puff of Headband before, but the odds are good that you have tried its parent strains. A cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, this hybrid strain has power (20% THC) with long-lasting effects. It is known as smooth and creamy, making it a relative rarity in the cannabis world. Popular among medicinal cannabis users for its high CBD content and relaxing properties, the bisabolol terpenes in Headband give it a citrus flavor, and it's a creeper weed, meaning that you need to pace yourself when smoking to avoid overload.

Mixed Berry

If the fruit flavor of cannabis is something that you enjoy, Mixed Berry is a sure bet to place high on your list of favorites. It is fairly low in hitting power at just 15% THC, but it has a tingly effect that blends with heightened senses of perception, making it an energizing strain that can help amplify a good mood. Though bisabolol struggles to clock in at a high level in many strains, it can hit up to .1% in Mixed Berry (which is higher than it sounds).

Space Bomb

This sativa-dominant hybrid does not get its name from its ability to get you as high as the moon. In fact, it is a relatively moderate hitter overall in terms of both THC and CBD. That said, it does give a psychoactive high, much more so than your typical cannabis experience. A top-10 finalist at the 2009 Cannabis Cup, Space Bomb has a tropical fruit taste that makes it easy to go down. Once in your system, you feel relaxed and mellow, with the high creeping on until you feel new sensory experiences.

Banana Sherbet

Yes, it tastes like bananas, and it contains quite a bit of bisabolol - clocking in at .14%, it has one of the best terpene ratios on this list. Banana Sherbet is also one of the more potent strains, reaching as high as 21% THC. This uplifting strain is a hybrid of Banana Kush and Sunset Sherbet, which is great for activities or interactions when you want to feel your best.

Do you enjoy any particular terpenes in cannabis? How have you found that they affect your sensation of getting high? Let us know in the comments below!

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