Top 6 Strains High in Caryophyllene

Top 6 Strains High in Caryophyllene

Published on 1/1/23

If you go browsing in a dispensary for good bud, you may be primarily interested in the acronyms we all know and love: THC, the active compound that produces a head high, and CBD, the compound responsible for relaxation, pain relief, and even getting a good night's sleep. Yet these acronyms and percentages do not tell the whole story regarding cannabis. One key aspect of this wonder plant is its terpene contents. One particular terpene, the caryophyllene terpene, is both common across many strains and quite popular among consumers. Why is this terpene so well-appreciated?

Talking Terpenes

Caryophyllene is one of about 100 types of terpenes that affect not just cannabis but other common plants as well. These terpenes are responsible for the tastes, smells, and bodily effects we associate with cannabis and other plants. The limonene terpene, as the name suggests, does indeed smell like lemons and is quite common in citrus plants, while the pinene terpene is common in pine trees. Plants use these terpenes for many reasons, including making them unpleasant for pests to eat or helping them to reproduce and create the next generation of seeds. Their impact on the human senses makes us process smell and taste differently. They can be used on an industrial scale, many terpenes are regularly utilized in artificial flavorings, soaps, or food additives.

One of the most well-known caryophyllene effects is the pepper-like smell and taste. Any strain with a sharp tang probably has a decent caryophyllene ratio. The official name is beta-caryophyllene, reflecting that this terpene can take on different forms, although, in cannabis, it is usually known simply as caryophyllene. Additionally, some research has suggested that caryophyllene reduces inflammation, making it a powerful ally in the ongoing efforts to improve medicinal marijuana. Here are some of the top strains high in caryophyllene.

1. Bubba Kush

One of the most popular indica strains sold in the United States, Bubba Kush (or simply "bubba"), can be found on many dispensary shelves due to its calming, even dreamy highs. A relatively low rate of THC (17%) and very little CBD means it is not a particularly heavy hitter, yet its fascinating profile makes it one of the headlining caryophyllene strains. This terpene is the reason why Bubba Kush often has a sharp smell and taste of spices and coffee.

2. Gelato

Take a puff of Gelato, and you may not feel like you are on vacation in Tuscany, but you will undoubtedly feel better. This hybrid of Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet, creamy taste that will leave you eager for more. It also is a common choice for medicinal patients due to its relaxing sensation, part of its overall caryophyllene benefits, and its fairly low THC profile at 17%, meaning that it does not hit too hard. Gelato is notorious among stoners for its quick onset, so prepare your snacks and TV setup beforehand.

3. Death Star

Cannabis and Star Wars are two of the largest fanbases in our culture, with a decent amount of overlap between them. Death Star, perhaps surprisingly, isn't an all-out weed bomb that overloads your senses with a considerable amount of THC and CBD. Instead, this indica combination of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel promises to leave well enough alone, putting the user in a tranquil sense of calm. Perhaps the drastic name comes from its powerful aroma. Despite caryophyllene's usual profile of peppery flavoring, Death Star mostly has the acidic tang of its parent.

4. Candyland

A quick glance at a nug of Candyland reveals that it is quite different from the competition. Its beautiful purple crystals pop out, boasting a heady 23% THC and 1% CBD, meaning that Candyland has more than enough candy to get you to the moon. A sativa strain bred from Granddaddy Purple and Bay Cookies, Candyland has a particularly sweet, fruity taste. It is a popular beta-caryophyllene strain for medicinal patients, famous for helping with muscle relaxation and pain moderation. The terpenes help by improving blood flow to afflicted areas and improving the healing process.

5. Original Glue

Want to watch an entire season of television in one go? Original Glue is an excellent strain to help out since it does indeed help to glue you to your couch. Original Glue is a combination of several strains, most notably Chem's Sister and Chocolate Diesel, and to say it hits hard is an understatement. A 27% THC rate among some of its strains makes it by far the most intense strain on this list, contributing to its victory in the High Times World Cup. Original Glue's caryophyllene profile gives it a peppery taste and a calming effect, which is excellent for times when you have nothing to do and no urgency to do it.

6. The White

No, it's not the official cannabis partner of Liam Neeson's movie "The Gray." Instead, The White is a potent strain notorious for several factors. First, it is unique among cannabis in having minimal flavor or smell, making it great for sensitive types and for experiences where you need to smoke without getting caught. Additionally, it is not clear where it came from; most growers say that it originated in Florida, while others say it came from Bermuda, hence the nickname "Triangle." Finally, it boasts plenty of caryophyllene, as well as a large amount of other terpenes, particularly myrcene and pinene.

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