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An award-winning, slightly Indica-dominant strain known for its incredible potency, top-notch genetics, and lovely scent and flavor profiles, XXX OG is one of the most exciting and diverse strains you’ll find on dispensary menus everywhere! Also known as Triple X OG, Triple OG, Triple X OG strain, and XXX OG Kush, depending on the brand producing it or the region it’s being sold. This strain is famous for a good reason. This top-notch strain is known in small doses for its moderately sedative effects while allowing users to maintain their mental clarity and physical energy despite its slightly Indica-dominant nature. After all, a cross between strains like XXX and the notorious OG Kush is destined to be a popular pick, right? So what strain is Triple X OG? Well, sitting at around 18 percent THC, this creeper of a strain is known for its slow-acting high, unique physical effects and profound anxiety-reducing, insomnia-crushing, and depression-dampening abilities for both medical and recreational users! This strain provides a gradual, ever-growing high that overwhelms the body with happy, euphoric sensations. Great for medical patients and recreational users alike, this award-winning strain is a top-tier option for everyone who gets their hands on it! And in terms of scent and flavor notes, this strain is also a unique option! Often said to be sweet, earthy, and pungent in aromas and flavors, this strain is a pleasure to spark up and enjoy. Some say that scents here can even combine into a sap-like scent, giving off natural, earthy, and even woody fragrance notes for those who grind and spark up XXX OG in the form of cannabis flower. Known as a beneficial resource for medical patients dealing with issues like muscle spasms, anxiety, and depression, along with providing a serious cannabinoid-powered punch for recreational users, it’s no wonder that XXX OG strain is an award-winning, top-tier option to get your hands on!

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