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Dispensary Reviews

  • Terrible, everytime I use a different service I am reminded how bad these guys are! Herb has so many stems, drivers are walkers, they send you all over the city to sketch spots then lie about ETAs, they didnt give me all the free gifts I was supposed to get, their prerolls are thrown at the bottom of a bag with no filter, the price is cheap but you are paying for what you get, mexican brick herb

  • IMPRESSIVE AND PROFESSIONAL, truly feel like royalty! I am extremely picky in every aspect, and after my first order with this company my bar of expectation from services has actually raised. I ordered the watermelon bites and a smarties pre-roll. Firstly, they are so helpful and polite. The driver, who dressed and acted very professional, called (didn't text) to tell me his eta then even gave me a thank you nod after. The product is top notch, AND YES WORTH THE PRICE, from the quality to presentation. product is given in a classy white paper bag with handles, no sketchy plastic bags or brown bags. The bites were nicely packaged and holy shiz delicious (you can even taste the earl), also surprisingly potent. The pre-roll came in its own individual squeeze pop container and was by far the best pre-roll I have ever seen, not a single crease or bend with a nice folded not twisted top (with a filter), and I was amazed by how much smoke it put out and the light and relaxing feeling. The onl

  • Ordered today and can say I'm very happy with D.O.C! Driver met me at closer location and flower is on point! Ate the edible right away, definitely going to order a few extras next time! A+ customer service and turn around time!

  • I’m sorry but CB just kills it every single time...much thx to the office staff and drivers!!!!!!

  • Excellent !

  • Couple free edibles and good price

  • These guys are legit the best in D.C.. I have tried multiple delivery services and this is the best quality, bar none. Especially when it comes to cartridges; look no taste, best effect. Prompt, professional service. I highly recommend these guys.

  • I go to these guys each time I come to DC. They definitely have top shelf bud for unbeatable prices! Tried their moon rocks and strawberry banana wax and it is on point. Driver was patient with me as I was confused as of where to meet and waited for me. Thanks again bro.

  • These gals have amazing products for unbeatable prices. They get the stuff noone else has! Got the top knot wax special, og jack berry is on point!!! Will definitely be coming back through!!!

  • Flo Go DC is the best, hands down. I call them every time I run out. Top shelf quality for unbeatable prices. They're my Go to each time! Never disappointed. Love the snicker edibles too!!!

  • Above and beyond 5 stars. DCE is the best. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment.

  • :( sad

  • Despite I am sure being swamped on the weekends this company always does a good job in keeping you informed and delivering quality meds in a timely manner.

  • Great first experience. Good selection and pricing. Prompt delivery, enjoyed the free gift.

  • Linked up twice with Buddha Buddy and they are consistent and maintain a top notch quality product for the most bang for the buck if you will. These homies are legit dopeness.

  • The bud was awful but the guys were nice and easy to deal with. Looked like some Mexican swag. Wish I could post a picture. Has no taste and no advised

  • My first bad experience on this site after avid use. Tried ordering twice, no communication, and 3 hours later had to cancel. Please don’t waste your time with this place as there are so many better options.

  • Can’t believe you can’t find anyone in Battle Creek or Kalamazoo this is ridiculous.

  • Fast, friendly and incredible buds. I am very satisfied. Great service. ☮️

  • Quick delivery AND solid menu. Looking forward to seeing what you get in the future

  • Excellent service! My new go-to guys for sure

  • Love the call in orders

  • All around great service Perfect on delivering Their policy is to the T no flaws ☝🏾😤

  • Best Art ever and the flower was amazing delivery on time thank you guys so much!

  • I am an mmj patient in AZ and have a Doctors Recommendation from AZ and CA. 4 years now. My experience on the east coast has been a nightmare!!! I was paying half price and free delivery like 50 miles away.... That was 6 months ago , this is now. The Donation was a bit steep however the fact that everything was as described. No loose carts dumped in a baggie. I’m donating for a great cause! The HH 2200 mg is in the box! And amazing! Just don’t drop it man it’s longer than my battery! Lol And the organics has Cali quality , OG quality. For a truly amazing experience, Capital Buds is my # 1 choice after trying out 3 others. I know and have been registered legal medical since 2014. And introduced to these donations since 1977. From NYC and know what the “real deal” feels and inspires my heart about nurturing caring individuals living and suffering with pain, anxiety, depression, cancer, inflammation! And many 100s if reason why it is now Americans

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