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    Ignore the old reviews. Been going since Christmas 2015 and have never been disappointed by selection or quality. Good employees and an efficient setup. Expect crowds on weekends & evenings- when you're the best everybody shows up.

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    Was directed to Maggie's Farm on Manitou Avenue as a recreational dispensary by their medical sales facility. What they didn't bother to tell me is that they like to close an hour early, so I drove out there for nothing. Needless to say, I won't be going back to Maggie's and I will find a more customer service oriented business to spend my money at.
    Next time, don't tell me you close at 7:00 p.m., but then lock the doors at 6:00. With businesses like Maggie's, I'm thinking the black-market is a better option.

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    I visted Maggies On my 30th Bday. We took e a trip 8 hours to get to this area. The place was like a DMV, and after you waited 45 min they then tell you they are sold out. Never could you see the buds either! What made me the most upset is that they were anserwing phone calls about which strains they had in stock, but with in 45 mins they were sold out??? The ended up selling me a preolled which was just shake, it was gross!! I was highly disappointed.

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    just skip maggies
    my first visit was great..150 per oz for outside weed..not the best but just "ok" then every month after the prices went up...I now pay more than the non members did when i started and they have no weed in stock..now they are starting to harvest but the prices are the same...please explain to me why it costs just as much to grow outside as it does inside...con job..when I drive an hour to buy weed and you have none..we are done. Never Again will I go to Maggies..Ever.