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Nestled against the foothills of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is a gorgeous mountain town that neighbors the great Southern Rocky Mountains. Home to Garden of the Gods (voted the best park in the nation on TripAdvisor) and the scenic Old Colorado City district, Colorado Springs is a perfect destination for good food, stunning mountain scenery, and friendly people. If you’re looking for even more reasons to give this memorable city a visit, check out our Colorado Springs Travel Guide!

While the state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, the city of Colorado Springs decided to only allow the distribution and sales of medical marijuana within city limits. Fortunately, the Denver metroplex is only an hour north and there are other cities closer by that allow the sale of recreational marijuana, such as Manitou Springs and Pueblo. Colorado Springs does have dozens of medical dispensaries that are easily accessible, offer online ordering, and provide plenty of product variety. Please note that it is illegal to use medical and/or recreational marijuana in public – the penalties for public use are much higher in Colorado Springs than most other Colorado cities. Additionally, most stores operate between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM and do not offer delivery services.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Where can I consume marijuana in Colorado Springs?

    Colorado Springs is less toker-friendly than the Metro Denver area and fines for public consumption are as high as $2,500 and 189 days in jail. A lot of land in and around Colorado Springs is federally maintained, including many ski slopes and hiking trails. If you get caught with cannabis in these areas you could face federal consequences. As with most cities, cannabis consumption should be limited to private property with permission.

  • How much cannabis can I possess in Colorado Springs?

    Although only card holding medical patients can purchase within Colorado Springs, adults age 21+ can have up to one ounce of flower, 8 grams of concentrates or 800 milligrams of THC in edibles.

  • Can I cultivate cannabis in Colorado Springs?

    Colorado residents 21+ are allowed to possess up to six (6) plants with up to three (3) mature and flowering at any given time. No more than twelve (12) plants can be grown in a single residence, unless with special circumstances and permissions.

  • Is marijuana legal in Colorado Springs?

    Yes. It is legal to possess both medical and recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs, so long as you are at least 21 years old or have a valid medical marijuana card. However, Colorado Springs has prohibited the sales of recreational marijuana within city limits; therefore, you must possess a valid medical marijuana card to legally purchase cannabis at a Colorado Springs dispensary


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Colorado Springs?

    Marijuana can be purchased at one of the many medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Colorado Springs. To make a purchase, you must provide a valid medical marijuana card. For recreational marijuana, you can drive to other dispensaries in various nearby cities such as Manitou Springs - just 15 minutes away.


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Colorado Springs?

    It is legal to smoke marijuana in Colorado Springs, so long as it is not in public (or within view of the public). Permission must be given by property owner(s) if marijuana is to be smoked on private property (i.e. hotels, apartment complexes, Airbnbs, etc.)


  • Is weed delivery available in Colorado Springs?

    No. At the beginning of 2020, Colorado made it legal to allow medical marijuana deliveries; however, only the cities Boulder and Superior have opted into the law. For the time being, Colorado Springs (and most other cities within Colorado) do not allow weed delivery services.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Colorado Springs?

    Yes! Many Colorado Springs dispensaries provide online purchases and either in-store or curbside pickup. Make sure to have your valid medical marijuana card you pick up your online medical marijuana order.


Colorado Springs Dispensary Reviews

  • I'm telling you I've tried alot of places! But I came back here. Js

    Best Budz
  • Went in because i heard about them on The Blaze in colorado springs advertising skme crazy prices. As low as $50 an ounce. The lady behind the counter talked the bud up and up before we went back to look at the medicine. They did have large jars of weed but the flower looked like shit. The budtender had no sense of care. She reached her dirty ass bare fucking hands down into the bottom of every single jar of weed she showed me and to top it off they are not upfront about pricing. They have preweighed bags for $50 and under but if you want to ha e it weighed in front of you it is $20 an 1/8th. They can add keif tk your sack for $5 a scoop but why do you need to dk that of your weed is good? We they have to because their weed is not good at all. They claim high test rates as we but the bud did little in terms of high or body feelings and could be best described as straight hemp. Not a high in the house. The edibles are decently priced. If thats all your looking for. Go liteeally anywhere

  • The BEST place

  • Love this place great meds and the help was awesome thank you guys

  • The tenders were very knowledgeable and helpful. I was brought there by the CannaPages coupon for $75 ounces and the quality of meds I got was amazing. They also have just about any edible you can think of including frozen pizzas! I wish I had known about their deals sooner!

  • Good but could work on small thing s

  • Best Budz is an AMAZING dispensary!! Everybody who works there is very friendly and helpful!! Very nice store! They also have AWESOME first time patient deals!!

  • Amazing meds! Great Staff! This is the spot to be!

  • We had a great experience in this dispensary. Customer service was awesome tge weed was great and they have great deals must come here!,

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