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Buy One Get One for $4.20 on select Edibles, Concentrates and all Topicals!! (Rec only) Buy One Get One for $4.20 on all Topicals and Edibles!! (Med Only)   Let us know you found us on Wheres Weed!  

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    This is the best dispensary in this town a lil on the pricey side but well worth the money and the bud tenders are awesome and very!! Knowledgeable about thier products and very!! Friendly i highly recommend this place to anyone

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    Really enjoyed going her, had a great selection of edibles! Good selection of bud and some really good prices. Really great budtenders!

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    Wonderful Experience
    I stopped in last week for the first time ever. I was in the market for a new cutting for my home garden and after talking with Rick and Emily for likely near an hour, decided on a nice little Headband Kush. After letting her adjust to her new home for a couple of days I transplanted her to a larger pot. Unfortunately, the stress of the move was too much and she perished. Being the only one at the time I bought it, I called to see if they had any more ready and after talking to Rick on the phone, and being distinctly remembered!, he told me to come on back in and they'd get me all taken care of. And that they did! I was immediately greeted like an old friend and since they didn't have any fresh cuttings of it ready, I was given a much more mature plant as a free replacement! Respecting their generosity, I also purchased a small bit of some OG Skunk (a very nice full-body, mellowing indica and a must try for serious indica fans) and was even covered on the tax from the take-a-penny dish into which some gracious customer had deposited several singles. I can't begin to express what a great experience it was visiting the shop - Emily and Bryant are extremely knowledgeable behind the counter and were a sheer pleasure to talk to and deal with. Rick is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I have ever dealt with in the industry, and not only answered all my questions but seemed genuinely eager and enthusiastic to talk with me. I felt a little guilty accepting such a generous replacement plant, but was repeatedly reassured that it wasn't even an issue and all they wanted was for me to be happy and successful in my grow. The facility is clean, bright and inviting - no stress, no unwelcoming security glass to talk through at reception - simply very comfortable. The selection of flowers, while limited as they are just recently re-opened, was top-quality, diverse for the amount of strains available, and very fresh. The bottom line is if you want to patron a shop that conducts itself with the utmost integrity, treats you with respect and genuine friendliness, and strives to make sure you have every question answered and leave with complete satisfaction in your visit and purchase, then you have to stop in. Keep doing what you're doing ya'll, it's the way it should be done. Thank you so much.

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