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South Coast organics speciallizes in customer service,  professionalism and safety.All patients are treated right!! Not only do we have the best referral program in town, we are the ONLY collective to offer a preffered patient special...


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    it was awesome they are open at 8am!. I think they stay open till 10pm at night. The girl that checked me in was SUPER sweet and checked me in really fast. The dude behind the counter knew his stuff. I asked about like every bud they had, he had no problem taking his time telling me about stuff. I got 5 grams of dankkk for 45 bucks. cant beat that.

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    i went in there friday morning and it was chill. i think they might kinda new or something but it was still set up real nice. i got some of the la con and some girlscout cookie. Both were bombbbb. they have really good first time deal and referral program too

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