Fire Og


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  • Fire Og from SD Green Relief in San Diego
  • Fire Og from Cannaholics in Rancho Cucamongafontana
  • Fire Og from Buzz City Collective in Bakersfield
  • Fire Og from Alternative Patient Care in San Diego
  • Fire Og from To Make A Difference Collective in Fontana
  • Fire Og from Budko Gardens in Detroit
  • Fire Og from VIP Meds in Menifee

Perfect pungent smell common amongst the OG strains, Fire OG delivers a salivating taste before ordering you to stop, drop and roll. It is an indica-dominant hybrid considered by many to be the most powerful OG Kush strain to date. The white sugary surface of the nuggets are broken fiery red hairs. Those with a high tolerance enjoy a relaxing body with cerebral jumpstarting while some newbies are left overwhelmed and sent to nap.

Fire Og Reviews

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