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  • Recreational
  • 21+ Only
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  • On-Site ATM
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  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Veteran Discounts
  • Terminally ill Discount


The Herbal Gardens specializes not only in service but quality.  We are the first retail store to third party test, so you know exactly what you are getting.   We offer a huge selection of high-quality cannabis, edibles and concentrates....


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    my experience with the bud tenders aren't so friendly one budtender pulled out 2 bags of eights and said that was the only selection they had and then told me there were 2 grams for 25.00 and I wanted to switch and she told me I couldn't even though the package wasn't opened.She told me that its the liquor board that said once a person picks out there meds they cannot exchange it even though the package wasn't opened. I have been coming here because its close to my home but I think im going to choose taking my money somewhere else where theres more selection.

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    Great Experience!! Great service and great selections at a great price

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    Was a great first time experience. They test their products and are able to give accurate thc and cbd counts. Besides the easy to pass location great product and overall experience.

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