Guide to Going Back to College High

Guide to Going Back to College High

Published on 8/27/21

Every year during August, we look around and ask ourselves, "Where did the summer go?". For most kids in school, this realization is a dreadful one, as days outside under the sun and long nights with friends are slowly slipping away. However, for a select group, this upcoming school year is one that they have looked forward to for years, and it is none other than freshman year of college. Consider this your go-to reference for how to get high in the dorms without getting caught.

Legality of Cannabis in the U.S. 

The cannabis industry survived and even thrived through one of the craziest years the world has seen, coming out on top and with record-breaking sales throughout the country. Since then, the legalization movement has been ramping up across the country, as new states are legalizing marijuana on a recreational level. For concrete numbers, cannabis is legal in 19 states now, including Washington D.C. with medical marijuana being legal in a whopping 36 states, including Washington D.C. as well. 

If you find yourself in one of these states, consider yourself very lucky. However, there is a catch. In virtually every single state across the U.S. that allows recreational cannabis, you must be at least 21 to buy, possess and use the herb. If you find that you are under 21, your best bet is to see if you qualify for a medical card. The qualifications for a medical card vary from state to state, but common conditions include epilepsy, seizure disorders, cancer, MS, pain, PTSD and even anxiety and depression in some cases. 

How to Consume Weed Discreetly 


The dorms aren't exactly the best place for lighting up the bong or rolling up a massive joint. However, over the years there have been many methods to getting around these limitations through some clever DIY tactics that go beyond stuffing a towel where the crack in your door is. 

For starters, one can always use a sploof. A sploof is a simple, handheld cylindrical device that uses a filter to clarify and dispel the smoke in the air. There are companies out there that make high-tech versions, such as Smokebuddy, Sploofy and Eco Four Twenty. However, we know that as a college kid, you're broke. So, let's stick with the DIY version.  Most people will take the cardboard from the paper towel roll, place a dryer sheet over one end and stuff it with some paper towels and more dryer sheets then secure it with a rubber band. 

Another DIY hack for smoking in the dorms is none other than making firecrackers. This humble, yet effective homemade edible will get you baked. For firecrackers you'll need your finest cannabis, graham crackers and peanut butter - throw those all together in the microwave and you'll be high in no time. 

When it comes to dorm living and smoking weed at the same time, avoiding any sort of device that gives a heavy cloud of smoke is best. If you can get your hand on edibles, those will be the most discrete. Or, if you happen to have a vape pen you'll stay under the radar, as those don't give off the potent smell that can accompany cannabis. 

Tips for How to Not Look High


So, you've just devoured a few firecrackers or have ripped the vape pen and you have those stoner eyes and need to run to your next class. You're asking everyone on your floor, "Do I look high?" or about how to get rid of stoned eyes fast. Luckily, we have the tips and tricks below so you can remain stoned, discreetly

Eye Drops are Your Best Friend

A dead giveaway for someone stoned is those glassy and piercing red eyes, as THC lowers your blood pressure, causing dilated blood vessels in your eyes. To rid yourself of high eyes, just do everyone a favor and grab some trusty eye drops, like the Visine or Rohto brands. If you hate eye drops, your other option would be to throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses. Sure, you may look ridiculous, but people won't automatically assume that you're stoned. 

Stay Cool 

It's important to remember that being high in public is an art form and isn't for the faint of heart either. Even if your stoned eyes aren't noticeable, if you're acting like a total oddball, it could blow your cover, too. This means that you need to keep the giggling to a minimum, while also keeping the munchies at bay. Remember all those high, crazy thoughts that might be running through your brain? Keep those to yourself for the time being, while trying to remain focused on the present moment. You don't want to seem like you're in outer space. 

Stay Fresh 

The smell of cannabis is something else, and it will cling to absolutely everything for a considerable amount of time. If you're trying to hide the fact that you're baked, try to change out of the clothes you've been lighting up in if possible. If you can't change, make sure you have your favorite perfume or cologne handy in an attempt to cover the smell. Remember, your breath and hands might also even reek of cannabis. Wash your hands thoroughly and gargle with some mouthwash to hide the weed even more. 

Make a Plan 

If you're going to start your day with a wake and bake, make sure to set yourself up for success. Make sure to choose a day with no meetings, work or classes for optimal results. Never forget to have a nutritious breakfast and to start drinking water early to combat the dry mouth and stay ahead of the curve. 

Hide the Weed

This one goes without saying, but if you're going to get high, make sure to hide the evidence. Whether this means putting away the bong or discarding your homemade sploof, make sure it's out of plain sight. If you know you're going to be out and about, keep the potent flower at home, so the smell doesn't follow you all day long. 

How do you stay high discretely? Have you tried any of our ideas above? Tell us if you've ever been caught in the act below. 

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