Who Are the Biggest Stoner Authors?

Who Are the Biggest Stoner Authors?

Published on 8/6/21

One of the most underrated past times is sitting down with a great book, all while hitting a joint in your cozy corner. For those who like to take things slow and sit back with a book rather than binge the latest Netflix show, this post is for you. 

Hunter S. Thompson 


When you think of Thompson, you automatically jump to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. However, he is known for so much more. As an American author and journalist, he rose to prominence through the book Hell's Angels, which was his journey of riding firsthand with the infamous motorcycle club. Thompson is known for an unconventional style and topic choice, with a focus on counterculture, drug use, alcohol use and his distaste for authoritarianism. He's been quoted saying that "it is for the greater good that he smoke a joint and calm down". His books take you on a wild ride through hallucinations and bad decisions, so relax with an indica like chocolate chunk to ease you into a blissful sedation, which you'll need after reading. 

Stephen King

This "King of Horror" is an American author who specializes in none other than science fiction, fantasy, suspense and crimes genres and has sold more than 350 million copies worldwide. Even if you haven't read anything by him, you've probably seen his work adapted into television and movies alike. He went through a long battle with addiction with drugs and alcohol but has since been sober since the 1980s. Today, he is a major advocate for recreational cannabis in his home state, Maine. His terrifying stories will require you to take the edge off, so roll up with the indica Blue Cheese to supply a gradual sense of blissful relaxation.

Carl Sagan 


This American astronomer, astrophysicist and author had a lot to say about the cosmos. He is best known for his work with extraterrestrial life and even assembled some of the first physical messages to be sent into space. He is likely best known for narrating and co-writing the 80s television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which has been seen by 500+ million viewers across 60 countries. He did not only consume cannabis but actually advocated for its use and is an example that marijuana doesn't make people less ambitious. You'll need a heady boost to take in his notions of the other-worldly, so grab the sativa Strawberry Cough for a sharp focus in creativity or problem-solving. 

Jack Kerouac

This American novelist became a counterculture icon through his most famous work, On the Road. As a pioneer of the Beat Generation, he wrote prose that rejected standard narrative values and explored topics such as the human condition, hallucinogenic drugs and sexual liberation. He is known for his style of stream of consciousness writing and was a "hippie" who covered topics like Buddhism, travel and poverty. With the counterculture movement came drugs, and as a heavy user, he often wrote while stoned and attributed his writing style to cannabis. To keep up with his ever-changing thoughts, smoke up with the sativa Super Lemon Haze for high energy and a lively afternoon

Maya Angelou 


This American poet and civil rights activist has a slew of work under her belt, whether it be one of her seven autobiographies, books of essays or books of poetry. She's a focal point of black culture and discusses timeless themes of racism, identity and family within her works. She's seen and done it all, from being a sex worker, fry cook, nightclub performer to working with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and reciting a poem at President Bill Clinton's inauguration. She is quoted saying that she smoked "with abandon" throughout her youth. You need something light, but not too heavy, so grab the hybrid Girl Scout Cookies to give a cerebral chill out without the couchlock

Ken Kesey

This American novelist considered himself to be the connection between the Beat Generation in the 50s to the hippie movement of the 60s who's drug use was central to his being. While writing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which was his most famous publication, he participated in government studies involving hallucinogens to supplement his income. He was a mentor for the Grateful Dead when it came to drug use and was a profound influence throughout their massive career. His work focuses on the anti-conformist spirit that was happening at that time in the 60s, all while lighting up with cannabis. Grab the sativa-dominant beauty Green Crack, which is the perfect energy source for your favorite podcast or counterculture prose

William Shakespeare

We bet you didn't see this one coming on our list, did you? This English playwright shouldn't need much of an introduction, but we'll give you one just in case. He is considered to be the greatest writer in the English language and the world's greatest dramatist. His works have been transformed and adapted into classics that we know today such as 10 Things I Hate About You, She's the Man and The Lion King. When it comes to how he ties into cannabis culture, several years ago archeologists found broken pipes near his home. The pipes contained remnants of marijuana, a clear sign that he loved to get high. You want an OG strain for the OG writer, so grab the likes of Jealousy that is packed with OG lineage to deliver a delicious body-focused high to relax with. 

Do you combine cannabis and reading? Do you think these authors pair well with weed? Give us your book recs below. 

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