Top 8 Scary Movies to Watch While Baked

Top 8 Scary Movies to Watch While Baked

Published on 10/30/22

Few activities are more synonymous with cannabis than watching movies. Whether you need a strain that will melt your mind and allow you to be sucked into the couch or a strain that enhances your thought process and will enable you to enjoy a deep film, there is nothing better than getting a buzz and throwing on a good flick. Halloween is an excellent time for a movie session, especially if you and your friends want to go to a party before or after. Given that cannabis can enhance your sense of paranoia and immersion, it is a great idea to blaze before putting on the movie. Here are some of the best scary movies to watch while high and the best strains to go with them.

The Witch


Recommended pairing: a Jet Fuel with enough power to pull you into the movie.

Starting off with a horror movie that doesn't depend on jump scares or bloody carnage, The Witch is a film that constantly makes you want to look over your shoulder. Set in Puritan New England at a time when anything seems possible, this A24 film starring Anna Taylor-Joy in her breakout role is the equivalent of listening to a song where half the notes are out of key. It's not just scary but downright unsettling: each scene is a slow burn that leads to frightening moments on an existential level.


Recommended pairing: a classic Sour Diesel for a classic film.

Some older films do not really hold up on rewatch, but some classics have such simplicity of storytelling, scenery, and acting that they can remain great well after their time. Jaws is one such classic that tells a simple story about a fundamental fear: that something is hiding in the water, just out of sight. The film is about Alfred Hitchcock's famous maxim, "a bomb goes off: that's action; a bomb doesn't go off: that's suspense." Indeed, we don't see the famous shark until well over halfway through the movie (other than a few ominous fins), instead having our anxiety ratcheted up until it bursts from the water with a giant mouthful of deadly teeth.

The Shining


Recommended pairing: a Blue Dream that will make you wonder what is real and what is not.

Arguably the greatest film made by the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is a movie that delves much deeper into the psyche than most other horror films. It is one thing to say that the axe-wielding antagonist went crazy; it is quite another to show them going crazy over a long duration, then have them pick up the axe. An iconic role for Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall (who both had careers with plenty of significant roles), the Shining is an example of showing, not telling. The descent of Nicholson's character into madness, with plenty of creepy experiences along the way, remains a staple of film study classes because of the commitment to the story and the excellent theme that nothing is as it seems.

This is the End

Recommended pairing: a Bubble Gum sativa that delivers a buzz to both mind and body.

No rule says all Halloween movies have to be serious. This is the End takes that to the absurd by showing the (supposedly) real-life experiences of some of Hollywood's famous stars when the apocalypse comes knocking at their door. Seth Rogen plays Seth Rogen, James Franco plays James Franco, Jonah Hill plays Jonah Hill, and so on. One of the reasons this movie succeeds is this clever sense of reality, where you think that if the end of times were indeed to come, this is exactly how the comedy superstars would react. It is pretty scary at times, too: many scenes have sudden violence, and just because every character is famous does not mean they all survive until the end of This is the End.

The Conjuring


Recommended pairing: a Gelato hybrid capable of both amping you up and keeping you on edge.

There's a reason that the haunted house genre is so popular: many of the films that rely on the trope are, in fact, based on a real-life story. The Conjuring, a 2013 film, is one such story inspired by true events. Ghost investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren visited a home in the 1970s that was supposedly haunted, and their experiences were too strange to be believed. Unlike some movies that use extensive CGI and jump scares, The Conjuring relies on simple effects and a much more nuanced sense of fear: the threat is not that the ghost will outright kill you, but that its presence is enough to warp both mind and spirit.

What are your favorite scary movies? Do you enjoy any particular strains to pair with scary (or funny) movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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