THC Edible Dosages: How Many MG of THC is Right for You?

THC Edible Dosages: How Many MG of THC is Right for You?

Published on 11/17/22

When it comes to dosing edibles, it can be tricky to hit your sweet spot: too little, and you won't feel a thing; too much, and you'll be passed out on the couch in thirty minutes. Even once you figure out how to use your edibles dosing calculator, how are you supposed to know how many milligrams are right for you? This guide will discuss the most common edible dosages along with who it's for, how you'll feel, and the best ways to enjoy your journey.



Five milligrams is the perfect starting dose for anyone new to cannabis or seeking a mild edible experience. Typically considered a microdose, don't look to 5mg seeking an out-of-your-mind high, or you'll likely be quite disappointed.

The effects of a 5mg edible will be mild and will present mainly as a pleasant feeling of calm in your body, plus some slight ease of anxiety. It will "take the edge off," so to speak.

This low-dose edible is perfect for anything you want to remain functional, including reading or working on a creative pursuit. Many people find that 5mg will be enough to feel at least a little something, but they won't have to worry about feeling "too high."


When you're still relatively new to dosing THC edibles or prefer a mild-moderate high, 10-15mg might be your sweet spot. This dosage is perfect for those who have tried 5mg and wanted just a bit more kick or those seeking pain relief from their edible dose while still making it through the day.

With this mild-moderate dose, you're likely to feel the positive side effects of cannabis edibles, including mental ease, physical freedom, and the giggles, while mitigating potential negatives such as dry mouth or paranoia.

When you take an edible dose of 10-15mg THC, you'll likely want to move your body and explore your intuition. This makes it perfect for pursuits like dancing or yoga.



When dosing edibles for a moderate cannabis consumer, 20-25mg is where they will likely start to feel truly high. This dosage may be too much for a beginner, so start slowly and work your way up before diving in.

This edibles dosage is where most people will feel more full effects, including a head and body high that lasts for a few hours. Most people experience feeling euphoric and silly, so this is where an edible dosage becomes less functional and more intentionally chill.

This edibles dose is super fun for socializing, but only for moderate-heavy cannabis consumers - otherwise, users may feel increased anxiety. Plan a THC-infused dinner party full of good friends, great food, and amazing vibes.


This edible dose is not for the faint of heart and is likely at the high end of the comfort level for most moderate-heavy users. Though they affect everyone differently, you can count out beginners for this dosage.

When referencing an edibles dosing chart, the 30-35mg dose is around where users will experience extremely powerful feelings of euphoria and is likely to alter perception and affect coordination.

When taking an edible dosage of 30 - 35mg, the best activities to participate in are introspective and chill, like watching a trippy movie or listening to your favorite album.



This dosage is for reaching your greatest potential highness while mitigating the unpleasant side effects of extremely high dosages. Those prone to paranoia should avoid it.

The effects of this THC edible dosage are couch lock, significant cognitive impairment, and sleepiness. You will likely feel a loss of control, which can be a fun wave to ride for experienced stoners but may freak out more moderate users.

The ideal activity for this dose is the classic That 70's Show-style smoke circle, sharing high thoughts and chilling out in the basement with your closest pals.


Any edibles above 50 mg should be reserved exclusively for daily, habitual cannabis users. This is an all-day edible, where you can take it in the morning and will likely still feel some effects 8-10 hours later.

An edibles dosing chart states this dose may induce undesirable side effects like nausea and rapid heart rate, so be careful when upping the ante. It's also likely to significantly alter your perception, giving heavy users that first-time feeling.

The ideal activities for this dose would be something fully immersive and trippy, like going to the aquarium or a musical performance.



This edible dosage will likely be far too much for most consumers and should be reserved for those with a high tolerance to edibles and plenty of experience taking them. Be aware that this will cause significant impairment to your cognitive and physical function.

The effects of a 100mg+ edible are powerful and should be noted when dosing THC edibles. You may find significant couch lock or sleepiness persists.

The ideal activities for a 100mg+ edible would be something extremely comfortable, like watching your favorite rom-com in a blanket fort. Be ready to conk out, though.


Only those seeking a pronounced high with significant functional and cognitive impairment should seek a dose of 500mg or more. This is a dosage that will keep most people high for 24 hours or more.

Use extreme caution when taking a dose this high, and don't plan to get much of anything done.

The ideal activity for a 500mg+ dose is doing absolutely nothing and enjoying exploring every new little recess of your mind you can access.

Do you have any experience dosing edibles? What's your favorite dosage? Let us know in the comments below!

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