Georgia 2018: Republican gov candidates split on medical marijuana

Georgia 2018: Republican gov candidates split on medical marijuana

Published on 2/20/18

Despite more voters in every state showing increased support for medical marijuana the republican governor candidates in Georgia are still split on the issue. The democratic candidates are in agreement that the state, it's families, and patients in need deserve expansion on the limited program. Currently in Georgia qualified patients are allowed to possess CBD oil, which can help treat many ailments including rare epileptic disorders, but the medication is not available within the state. This means that parents of sick children have to travel to the nearest medical marijuana state to purchase the medication then illegally carry the meds back across state lines with them. Patients are told this medicine will help, but are being refused a means to access it. Over half of the republican candidates in Georgia still refuse to support expanding the program hoping to cling to the small amount of conservative voters left who aimless despise medical progress. We will all find out soon if opposing simple medical cannabis expansion is a winning or losing battle. 

Tippins hasn’t said specifically what he would do to expand the program, though when pressed Tuesday he said he was open to in-state cultivation. 

“We’ve started down this path. We said you can possess this, you can use this, it’s good for you,” he said. “We’re going to make it accessible, and take a get-it-done, whatever it takes approach. We’re the best people in the planet in solving problems. And we can solve this one.” 

He added: “I’ll do what it takes. If that includes cultivation, it does.”

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