What are Infused Joints & Should You Smoke Them?

What are Infused Joints & Should You Smoke Them?

Published on 11/12/21

It's 2021 now, and people have been smoking cannabis for so many years. With federal legalization ramping up and states legalizing recreational cannabis at every turn, the cannabis industry is exploding. Not only has the stigma virtually been erased, but the technologies in the industry have also been reaching new heights. Between potent strain combinations and cannabis tonics comes infused joints which are a fresh take on the classic, outdated joint. Consider these the new era of joints. 

What is an Infused Joint? 

Infused joints can take on many identities and forms, as well as many different price points. But first, let's stick to the basics and define what an infused joint is. An infused joint or pre-roll is a weed cigarette that has added concentrate into the mix, which is called hash. Hash, or hashish, is compacted weed resin (kief) which is brown in color and is much more potent than just cannabis. It is very popular to smoke and contains numerous cannabinoids, such as the lovely THC and CBD. 

Joints are continuing to explode in popularity, and Marijuana Business Daily even found data that the sale of pre-roll joints has increased by 50% from 2019 to 2020 in the western states' markets. You may already be wondering "Just where can I find these pre-rolled joints near me?" Most local dispensaries carry some form of these if you're bold enough to try.

The Variety of The Infused Pre-Roll

The type of concentrate that can be included with these infused joints can vary and can simply be joints rolled with kief or can be something much more intense, on the inside or outside of the joint.

These types of concentrates could be bubble hash, which is hash incorporated with ice water to leave you with nothing but trichomes, which contain all the good things like THC and other cannabinoids. 

Cannabis wax added is also popular, as its malleable texture works great when rolling up something good. Wax is traditionally used for dabbing, and its highly concentrated THC content is sure to take you to the stars. 

Caviar Cones have also made a splash onto the scene and are as decadent as they sound. With these infused joints you'll find the trifecta of high-grade flower, oil and kief that contain THC levels that are off the charts. 

Inside vs. Outside

Like we just stated above, you'll find these concentrates either inside the joint or on the rolling paper to bring your smoking game to new heights. But does one versus the other change the smoking experience? Either way, when you add a concentrate to your favorite pre-roll, you're going to get extremely high. With these products being newer on the scene, there doesn't seem to be much information to point in either direction, as it all just comes down to how your body specifically reacts to the infused pre-roll joint of your choosing.

The Best Infused Pre-Roll Joints: Wax 

The most popular of all the pre-rolled joints are going to be the wax pre-rolls. Like we touched on above, wax is something like an umbrella term in the cannabis industry that is any type of concentrate that appears soft and waxy. Most wax is extracted through butane or hydrocarbon processes and contains a malleable texture that is often considered butter, badder and honeycomb. You may even hear the term shatter, which is nearly interchangeable with the term wax. 

Wax is refined and concentrated, yet also versatile because it can be consumed in many ways via dabbing, vaping or simply adding it to a bowl or joint. 

The possibilities for the wax pre-roll are infinite, which makes them the most popular on the market with no signs of slowing down soon. They can be found at every price point, with the simpler being a distillate-infused pre-roll, containing a viscous liquid that has isolated a desired compound from the cannabis plant. The more high-end wax product may be a rosin-infused joint, which is a solventless concentrate that is considered by many to be the purest form of cannabis concentrate.

Terpene and CBD Infusions 


Infused pre-rolls don't just stop at adding a variety of concentrated cannabis to the mix. There are some new trends on the horizon, and one of those is adding terpenes to the joint. Terpenes, which are compounds found within cannabis to deliver flavor and aroma, are often played around with when it comes to the art of the perfect joint. The court is still out to decide whether this is necessary, as some are finding that adding terps are synthetic tasting. 

Others are cashing in on the CBD boom and are infusing with CBD oil to change what it means to "get high". When infusing CBD and THC, they come together to deliver the best smoking experience possible through the entourage effect, where the user can get high without all of the unwanted side effects. 

Beware of the THC Content

With these new infused joints, there needs to be a major caution label on them because of their THC levels. Not only are you already smoking a joint that has a decent THC profile, but also adding in a concentrate for an extra kick is going to send you places you've never been before. Consider these new and improved joints to be like a red-eye,  a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso in it. You're getting a much more amplified high due to the higher dose of THC you're smoking. 

With most infused products, expect at least 30% THC coming your way. If you don't consider yourself a consistent smoker who partakes in concentrates, then stay away from these.  You don't want to be that guy at the smoking session. 

Have you ever dabbled with infused pre-rolls? Was the high manageable? Tell us your best stories below. 

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