Should I Work Out When I'm High? Top 5 Strains to Smoke Before Your Next Workout

Should I Work Out When I'm High? Top 5 Strains to Smoke Before Your Next Workout

Published on 3/9/22

Cannabis has snuck into almost every aspect of our lives in some form or another. There are cannabis products on the shelves for health, nutrition, sleep, and even skincare. Now, working out high is the latest and greatest craze, with celebrities and professional athletes either endorsing it or creating their own companies for recovery or focus. Below, we'll discuss how cannabis and exercise interact and how the benefits of working out high may jumpstart your next workout. 

How Cannabis & Exercise Interact 


Stereotypical stoner culture subscribes to the idea that all smokers love to lay on the couch, binge Netflix all day long, eat nothing but sweets, carbs and everything in sight. However, new studies in recent years have shed light on the fact that this may not be the case. As with all things cannabis, extensive research still needs to be conducted before we have any definitive answers about cannabis and exercise, but the results have been promising thus far.

One study from 2019 at the University of Colorado at Boulder has found counter-intuitive connections regarding weed and exercise. The study that observed 600 participants across the US found that those who use cannabis have a lower prevalence of obesity. In fact, 4 out of 5 participants that use cannabis either before or after a workout spent more time working out than users who did not mix the two together. Furthermore, 70% of participants said using before was a more enjoyable experience, like a "runner's high." 

What is really happening in the body, you may ask? One study from 2003 found elevated levels of anandamide, the bliss molecule, in the blood of volunteers after a run or cycle with the consumption of cannabis. Because cannabis also interacts with the same receptors in the endocannabinoid system that regulates mood, there is speculation that the drug may jumpstart those blissful, euphoric feelings. 

So much more research needs to be conducted. Yet, connections are being formed between cannabis and the enjoyment of working out, aiding in recovery, increased focus (especially in repetitive workouts), and mitigating inflammation. To exercise while high may seem intriguing, but make sure to consult a doctor as adverse effects can occur

Working Out High vs. Sober


When it comes to health and getting into the gym, it is all about your mental state. Therefore, if you consider yourself somewhat of a productive and not-so-novice stoner, going to the gym high may be right up your alley. People who work out high have reported increased focus, concentration and a greater mind/body awareness. 

Lighting up before that workout may increase a go-with-the-flow mentality, decrease stress and make you get out of your head, toning down racing thoughts as you find yourself making repetitive motions. 

Incorporating Cannabis into Your Work Out Routine 

  1. Start Low - If you're considering lifting high the next time you're at the gym, starting out by microdosing is your best bet. This way, you'll get a feel for how you work out while not being overwhelmingly baked. On the plus side, you can always take more if you feel comfortable. 
  2. Reach for the Sativa - You should probably opt for a high-energy strain that isn't going to lock you into the couch, like an indica. Here is the perfect chance to utilize the budtender for all their knowledge on the best strains to energize and invigorate the mind and body. 
  3. Space it Out - Especially if it is your first time incorporating cannabis and exercise, let your body feel out the cannabis. You don't want to walk into the gym overwhelmingly high as every single smoking experience can be different on the body. 
  4. Try Low-THC Strains - Even if you're a veteran smoker, maybe reaching for the highest THC possible isn't the best move here. A low-THC, high-CBD strain will keep your mind and body in check while also fighting off some residual inflammation. 

Best Strains for Your Next Work Out 

Durban Poison 

Here's a heavy-hitting sativa strain that is going to launch you into your morning run, HIIT class or lifting session and is known as the espresso of cannabis strains. With 26% THC on average, this sweet, piney-tasting strain is going to get you energized and focused for anything you need to tackle for the day. 


This high-CBD strain is perfect for daytime focus for your early AM workout, with all the anti-inflammatory properties to aid you in recovery. With an average of 20% CBD, this sativa strain will deliver an earthy, funky and citrusy taste to bring clarity and a fog-free mind for overall positivity. 

Animal Cookies 

Find yourself achy and sore after your workouts? If you do, here's a hybrid strain that is ready to combat all the ailments. Coming in at 18% THC on average, you'll feel a sense of calm and heady relaxation as the pain leaves your body. With hints of nutty, sweet and sugary flavors, this heavy-duty hybrid with a bit of CBD is your go-to to erase the pain. 


This high-CBD strain comes in at a CBD-dominating ratio of up to 20:1 and is known in the medical community for its pain-relieving qualities. As a sativa with 14% THC on average, you'll feel calm, mellow and out of your head - ready to complete any workout with ease. Smoking this strain will deliver hints of wood, pine and earthy flavors. 

Super Lemon Haze 

This sativa-leaning hybrid, coming in at 19% THC on average, is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner. With a lemony, zesty and citrusy smell, this strain is perfect for that head buzz and liveliness that you're in search of. If you're looking to hit new goals in the gym, reaching for this strain may bring you to new heights. 

Have you combined weed and working out? How did you feel? Tell us the best way to incorporate the two together below.

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