The Most Popular Strains in Each State: Part 3

The Most Popular Strains in Each State: Part 3

Published on 10/24/22

The most popular strains are different for every state - the strains that you're most likely to find in the dispensary you go to, the strains that everyone agrees are the best for every occasion. Are you curious about what your state's most popular weed strains are? Take a look at the third entry of our ongoing series about the most trending strains in every state.

Cannabis in the United States

Every state has a most popular strain, but not every state has legalized marijuana in the United States yet. While recreational cannabis has been legalized in 19 states (plus Washington, D.C.) and medical cannabis has been legalized in 37 states, cannabis is still federally illegal. In the United States, cannabis is federally designated as a Schedule I drug, which means that it's deemed as having no medicinal applicability and that it is highly addictive. However, President Biden has stated he will be looking to reschedule cannabis federally. The federal government's classification is being proven wrong, with 37 states boasting some form of a medical marijuana program and new studies indicating that there are medical benefits to cannabis. Recent polls show that 90% of Americans believe medical cannabis should be legalized, with 60% agreeing that recreational marijuana should also be federally legal. We're hopeful that, sooner than later, cannabis will be legal in all the states listed below.

New Mexico

Most Popular Strain: CBD Shark

New Mexico recently legalized the possession and use of recreational weed with its Cannabis Regulation Act in 2021. Despite this, the most prevalent strain is still a primarily medical strain. CBD Shark. This strain, with only 6% THC and 9% CBD, is an Indica-dominant option best known for helping alleviate inflammation and pain, along with the side effects of stress and anxiety. It offers clear-headed, calming side effects with a barely noticeable high and has an herbal aroma and sweet, fruity flavor profile.

New York

Most Popular Strain: Blue Dream

The state of New York legalized recreational adult-use cannabis for those 21 and older in March 2021. However, it's still not the most accessible place to find a recreational dispensary, but in the dispensaries available, Blue Dream is the reigning cannabis strain. As its namesake suggests, this delicious 18% THC strain tastes heavily like blueberries and has a very berry, sweet aroma. It is known for producing a creative and uplifting high - if not energetic - and is thought to help combat depression and chronic pain.

North Carolina

Most Popular Strain: Gorilla Glue #4

While North Carolina is edging closer to legalizing medical cannabis, it is still one of the 13 states holding onto the full illegal status of marijuana. Despite this, Gorilla Glue #4, like so many other states, still manages to find a way to be popular. Also known as GG4, this Hybrid strain hits hard with 20% THC and a relaxed high that's great for inducing a night of deep sleep. Since it's also known to cause major munchies, this strain is commonly used to combat eating disorders and the side effects of anxiety and chronic pain. Additionally, it has a pungent and earthy flavor profile with a piney aroma.

North Dakota

Most Popular Strain: Lemon Skunk

Medical marijuana is legal in North Dakota, but recreational cannabis is still illegal. That being said, North Dakota is on track to put adult-use legalization on the November 2022 ballot. For now, even with just medical marijuana available, Lemon Skunk is the most popular strain in the state. Tasting and smelling heavily of skunky, citrusy lemon, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is also known for its hard-hitting high that produces a euphoric, energetic high. It contains roughly 18% THC and is frequently used to relieve depression, stress, and chronic pain symptoms.


Most Popular Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

Ohio became the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana in 2016, but six years later, there's still no sign that full recreational legalization is anywhere in the immediate future. That being said, medical users in Ohio have shown an overwhelming favor for Girl Scout Cookies, a hybrid strain great for treating depression, anxiety, and stress. Along with these benefits, this hybrid strain is used to treat eating disorders because of its hunger-inducing side effects. Other effects include laugh-out-loud energy and euphoric joyfulness. Its flavor profile is that of sweets and sugar with a vanilla aroma and minty sweet taste.


Most Popular Strain: Golden Goat

While recreational cannabis is still illegal in Oklahoma, it's a running joke that the state's medical marijuana program might as well be recreational. Roughly one in 13 adults in Oklahoma have a medical marijuana card, and right now they can't get enough of Golden Goat. This renowned hybrid boasts 19% THC and an energetic high that's great for social situations. Not only is it great for combatting the side effects of stress, depression, and anxiety, but it also tastes lovely with a tropical, spicy profile and a heavy citrus aroma.


Most Popular Strain: Pineapple Express

One of the great cannabis capitals of the United States, Oregon has a robust recreational marijuana scene that has been around since 2014. Favorite strains come and go, but right now, Pineapple Express is the state's reigning champ. Made famous by the 2008 movie of the same name, this hybrid is also known for causing a very social, energized high that you feel quickly and for a long time. It has an amazing flavor profile of citrus and pineapple, while also having a heavy pine aroma. Pineapple Express is also known for helping reduce the side effects of stress and depression.


Most Popular Strain: Blue Dream

Medical cannabis is legal in Pennsylvania, but recreational marijuana is still not. That being said, changes coming to Pennsylvania's weed laws are indicative of a changing stance on the subject. While we're hopeful that recreational cannabis will be available sooner than later, we can still acknowledge that Blue Dream is the most popular strain in the state. This strain is popular in many states (and has been on this list more than once), likely because of its effective, energetic, and creative high, delicious blueberry flavor profile and aroma and quick-acting 18% THC concentration. It's also known to help treat nausea, pain, and depression.

Rhode Island

Most Popular Strain: Super Lemon Haze

The most recent state to legalize recreational marijuana, Rhode Island, joined 18 other states that allow adult-use cannabis in May 2022. Their favorite strain: Super Lemon Haze. We likely don't need to describe this Sativa's flavor profile. It's very citrusy and - you guessed it - lemony. Tart, boasting 19% THC and producing a cerebral, energetic, euphoric high, this strain is also known to alleviate symptoms of stress and reduce chronic pain.

South Carolina

Most Popular Strain: Sour Diesel

Unfortunately, South Carolina remains one of the 13 states without a medical marijuana program; what's worse is that the House just recently shot down the first medical marijuana bill passed by the Senate. This means that South Carolinians will have to wait at least another year before they get a shot at medical legalization. For now, the most popular strain - enjoyed illicitly because of state laws - is Sour Diesel. This Sativa has roughly 19% THC and produces a fast-acting, cerebral high that's sure to leave you feeling energized. Its name is indicative of its flavor profile, which is very pungent and diesel-like. It is commonly used to help treat depression and chronic pain.

South Dakota

Most Popular Strain: Tangerine Kush

South Dakota made history in November 2020 by becoming the first state to simultaneously legalize medical and recreational cannabis during the same election term. However, Governor Kristi Noem led a fight to strike down recreational cannabis and won. Medical cannabis is legal in South Dakota, while recreational weed is still illegal. Despite this setback, Tangerine Kush is still enjoyed by many as the most popular strain in the state. This Indica strain has roughly 18% THC and is known for a flavor profile befitting its name: orange, citrusy and tropical. It is known to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, control chronic pain, and produce an enjoyable full-body high that leaves you relaxed and a touch sleepy.


Most Popular Strain: Green Crack

Tennessee has the most minimal medical cannabis allowances of any state with a medical cannabis program. Only strains up to 0.9% THC are allowed for qualified patients. However, that hasn't stopped Green Crack from being the most popular strain in the state. This highly-rated Sativa blows past the legal limit with 17% THC and produces an incredibly energetic and focused high that's great for getting work done or socializing. It boasts a full citrusy aroma and a mango-forward flavor profile. Additionally, in line with its energetic qualities, it is great for combatting depression, stress, and anxiety.


Most Popular Strain: Blue Dream

Like Tennessee, while cannabis has a Compassionate-Use Program for qualified patients, only strains up to 1% THC are legal. Of course, you can probably guess that the state's most popular strain does not abide by that limitation. Blue Dream goes a touch above the limit with roughly 18% THC. It produces an energetic and creative high and is known for its delicious blueberry flavor profile and aroma. Additionally, this 18% THC strain is known to help treat nausea, pain, and depression.


Most Popular Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

While medical cannabis has been legal since 2018, Utah is still one of 19 states that threatens jail time for the possession of adult-use cannabis. We aren't sure when we'll begin to hear a different tune from the state, but we do know that the most popular strain is currently the iconic Girl Scout Cookies. Also known as GSC, for short, this hybrid strain boasts 19% THC and is commonly used to treat eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. While it's named partly for its minty sweet flavor profile and vanilla-forward aroma, this strain will also have you running for your pantry for a snack. Other effects include a very enjoyable high that will have you laughing and euphorically relaxed yet awake at the same time.


Most Popular Strain: Zombie OG

Recreational cannabis is legal in Vermont, and the first recreational dispensaries are set to open in the fall of 2022 (most likely in October). If its popularity keeps up, Zombie OG will be the most likely to fly off shelves when the doors open - it is the most popular strain in the state as of August 2022. It is a hard-hitting Indica known for bringing about a full-body high that is great for bedtime use. Because its primary effects are lethargy and hunger, this strain is often thought to help benefit those with insomnia and eating disorders. On top of all that, this strain has roughly 19% THC and boasts a delicious flavor profile of lavender and heavy pine.

Do you live in one of the states listed? Let us know if you agree with the most popular strain we listed and if it's your favorite, too. You can also share what other strains are popular in your state. Comment below!

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