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First Time Patients

In your first visit to our cozy little shop you will get to take advantage of a $65.00 ounce from one of our awesome Grade-A strains along with getting to enjoy a 50


Trichome Health Consultants was established in 2008 for the patients by a patient. Trichome Health Consultants was the second dispensary to open up in the City of Colorado Springs and proud to say that after 10 years we are still owned by our...


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    Went in because i heard about them on The Blaze in colorado springs advertising skme crazy prices. As low as $50 an ounce. The lady behind the counter talked the bud up and up before we went back to look at the medicine. They did have large jars of weed but the flower looked like shit. The budtender had no sense of care. She reached her dirty ass bare fucking hands down into the bottom of every single jar of weed she showed me and to top it off they are not upfront about pricing. They have preweighed bags for $50 and under but if you want to ha e it weighed in front of you it is $20 an 1/8th. They can add keif tk your sack for $5 a scoop but why do you need to dk that of your weed is good? We they have to because their weed is not good at all. They claim high test rates as we but the bud did little in terms of high or body feelings and could be best described as straight hemp. Not a high in the house. The edibles are decently priced. If thats all your looking for. Go liteeally anywhere else for weed but this place... anywhere.

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    The BEST place

    Business reply:

    We're glad you think so! Thank you for the awesome review!

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    The tenders were very knowledgeable and helpful. I was brought there by the CannaPages coupon for $75 ounces and the quality of meds I got was amazing. They also have just about any edible you can think of including frozen pizzas! I wish I had known about their deals sooner!

    Business reply:

    We're glad you think so! Thanks for the awesome review!

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