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    I’m a 63 year old medical patient and had been to Sahara Wellness six or seven times to purchase GG #4 Flowers, wax and concentrates. On 6/25/2017 I stopped in to purchase one (1) Kynd Gorilla Glue cartridge and to ask about a faulty Kynd GG cartridge I’d bought during my last visit. A couple days later I opened my bag and I had one Kynd GG cartridge and they charged me another $60 for the one I brought in.

    I called and spoke with a manager and asked if she could relay my message and watch their inventory for an extra Kynd cartridge and also sent my request by email. I waited a week and called back and no one knew what I was talking about, so I went there to talk to my budtender and drop a note with my receipt at the office. The next few weeks I emailed and called SW a few more times asking to speak with the owners and they have ignored me for six weeks.

    Make sure you check your bag before you leave Sahara Wellness because (in my case) once they had my money, they ignored me. John M.

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