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  • On-Site Smoking

First Time Patients

Your first visit will always include a tour and a trip to the dab bar on the house!


  2 Wax hits for $5 reimbursement ALL DAY EVERYDAY! Smoking lounge with safe access for OMMP card holders. We are a private Medical Marijuana Club dedicated to providing the best medicine in Portland. We offer a spacious smoking lounge...


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    Was stoned for about 2 hours
    I tried 4 different bud strains in 2 visits that just didn't keep me medicated as long as the stuff I get from my usual grower. 2 hours after I left my buzz was gone. Maybe I have a high tolerance but I think Ill stick with my growers stuff for now. I bought some tincture for 10 bucks (my last 10 bucks) and had to take half the bottle to get an effect not 2 drops. looking forward to trying the hash and the budtenders are killer. This review is not meant to be a diss, but I just don't know what to think.

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