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About this Marijuana Delivery Service

I am a certified Arizona Marijuana Caregiver looking for 4 patients who are homebound. Serving the north of prince and east of I-10

We offer 3 mixes of medication (only flower never trim)
"B" grade at $190.00 an ounce- contains 2 strains(12-15% thc) and 1 gram hash this is for mild pain, getting things done, maybe some art. This isn't any killer stuff, just a mellow buzz.

"A" grade at $300.00 an ounce- contains 3 different strains(18-22% thc), bubble hash and wax.This is for severe pain, nausea, anxiety. it will melt you into the couch.

"AA" grade at $440.00 an ounce- this is the real sh**.Dont try to leave the house with this, Only 25% plus flower used here mixed with 2 grams blond hash and a half gram shatter or wax

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