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The capital of the largest state in America, Juneau is a hidden gem perfect for anyone who enjoys a remote lifestyle and easy access to natural wonders. This small city is located on the coasts of the Gastineau Channel of the Alaskan panhandle. It’s only a few miles away from the world-famous Mendenhall Glacier that spans for miles to the north. The city is surrounded by rugged mountains just waiting to be hiked, ski parks, national forests, and beautiful water perfect for kayaking. When you’ve tired yourself out from all the hiking and sight-seeing, Juneau offers an incredible respite – it is home to amazing seafood (Alaskan crab is king, here), a few great museums, a quaint historic district perfect for afternoon walks, and many local art shops. 

Amidst the quaint streets of Juneau, you’ll also quickly find a handful of excellent dispensaries. In November 2014, Alaska legalized recreational marijuana. Since then, Juneau has enjoyed the perks of thriving cannabis culture. Open from 9 AM to 10 PM, the cannabis stores in Juneau offer a wide variety of products for both medical and recreational users alike. Additionally, Alaska is the first state to allow customers to smoke their purchased marijuana on-site at dispensaries. It is important to note, however, that public consumption is illegal, as is driving under the influence of any amount of marijuana. 

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