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While many might think that the North Pole is a fictional place where Santa lives, it’s actually a beautiful city located in central Alaska. Just outside Fairbanks, North Pole still has plenty to do on its own. The Santa Claus House receives many letters from children all around the world and also has a great gift shop. The Lady of the Lake is a mysterious plane that lives at the bottom of a pond near North Pole. The town also has a few restaurants and shops to check out, and is also close to Denali National Park.

While there may only be a few dispensaries in North Pole to visit, you’ll find all the products that you need at them. Alaska was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, and dispensaries all over the state have popped up since then. Although delivery is not currently legal in Alaska, it is easy to pick up your marijuana from one of the dispensaries nearby. Residents may also grow up to 6 plants, with 3 flowering plants allowed at one time. Please note that it is still highly illegal to smoke on public lands, so do not toke up while visiting Denali National Park.

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