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Wasilla, Alaska is located just an hour away from Anchorage and is known for its natural beauty and unique things to do. Wasilla sits on Wasilla Lake and is where the Iditarod is headquartered. The Museum of Alaska Transportation is worth a visit to see the history of trains, planes and cars in Alaska. The Wasilla Museum and Visitor Center is also a unique place to see the local history. If you’re more interested in breweries and restaurants, there are plenty of options in town to enjoy.

Although the population of Wasilla is only 10,000, the cannabis scene near Wasilla is thriving. While the town does not allow cannabis sales in the city limits itself, there are plenty of dispensaries nearby. Alaska first legalized medical marijuana in 1998 and then recreational marijuana in 2014, and many dispensaries have opened in the area since then. While Alaska has allowed dispensaries to have smoking lounges, it is important to note, however, that public consumption is illegal, as is driving under the influence of any amount of marijuana. 

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