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Fort Saskatchewan Dispensary Reviews

  • Vegan product is cool but know it alls are not

  • Check out their website or google Edmonton 420 club

  • No website.

  • Fast delivery and great product. Sign up and order away, I ordered from Leduc at 10PM thinking there was no chance they would deliver, but it arrived within an hour. They even have tracking on there drivers if your impatient like myself. Thank you very much for your services.

  • Wow was that ever a fast delivery! I got my order within 30 mins and I actually got the strain I ordered instead of the same stuff all the time!

  • Great service , treats their customers well and offers lots of good deals. Quick delivery too !

  • Awful. I tried to order from them today and they aren’t taking new customers online... I had to email them to figure that out and so I suggested that they should post that before a customer picks out a product and tries to go through the checkout process and the email I got in response was so unbelievably unprofessional. Would never give them my business and will pass along my experience to my friends as well.

  • Used to love these guys until the delivery guy hit on me via text after dropping a delivery off to me- and when I didn't reply, my account got deleted from the website. It's really too bad, they were perfect until this happened.

  • Called them first thing in the morning to place an order. E transferred them the payment. Said they'd deliver between 9am-12pm. No show. Called to say they now will come between 2pm-6pm. No show. Last call they'll be here between 3pm-9pm. Its 9.30 and they still haven't showed up. The drivers call from private numbers so we cant contact them and they dont have an after hours number to report this.

    EDS Meds
  • Excellent customer service

    EDS Meds
  • Amazing staff. Super nice owner. And always have cannabis. There's nothing more I want from my pot shop. A++

  • Amazingly easy sote. Speedy delivery, my vape pen was fully charged for me, he waited to make sure it worked. Best service! Very good qulaity

  • Ok I almost NEVER leave reviews, and probably never ever a totally negative one - but this is so necessary! (Plus, you can trust that 1⭐️ is actually generous here.). Not only is their selection pure crap, (all I could find was phyto for concentrates, for ex.) that’s something most all crap, scammy online dispensaries share... but these jerks have litetally created their entire brand around an easily uncovered LIE: They do NOT deliver!!! Not anywhere. Just ask them. Look for yourself. That’s so... ridiculous to me! As a mail order dispensary, they lose so hard in comparison, so they just went for a ploy to market in a “grey area” (I’m assuming they’d say “Mail *is* delivery..)🤦🏻‍♀️HEY DANK BRAINS: They’re not the same thing! It’s important in this business to differentiate. Truthfully. 🙄 I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

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