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There are few places you can visit that offer such a grand scene as Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage, home to over a third of the state’s population, is the cultural center of Alaska. Built on the shores of the Cook Inlet, Anchorage is surrounded by untamed wilderness. Snow-capped mountains tower in the distance and destinations such as Chugach State Park, Denali State Park, Nelchina Public Use Area, and Chugach National Forest are all within driving distance. Fishing, hiking, ice climbing, glacier cruises, dog sledding, 4-wheeling, horse riding, motorcycle tours, rafting, flightseeing – the list of adventures are endless when you visit Anchorage. 

Anchorage is also a happening city with a lot of local attractions, from craft brews and fresh seafood to a great nightlife and a high-end cannabis scene. Alaska became one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, along with Oregon, and Anchorage has since become the state’s cannabis culture hub. Of the dozens of dispensaries in Anchorage, most are open between the hours of 8 AM and 12 AM, serving some incredibly high-quality weed. While delivery is not currently legal in Alaska, there are enough dispensaries in Anchorage to make access super easy. We hope to see the Anchorage cannabis scene grow even more over the next few years! 

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Anchorage, AK

  • Is marijuana legal in Anchorage?

    Yes! Both medical and recreational marijuana is legal to use and possess in Anchorage, so long as you are at least 21 years old or have a medical marijuana card. 


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Anchorage?

    You can purchase marijuana at one of the dozens of dispensaries throughout the city, so long as you have a medical marijuana card or are over 21 years old and have a government-issued ID. 


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Anchorage?

    Yes! It is legal to smoke weed in Anchorage, so long as you are at least 21 years old or have a medical marijuana card. It is illegal to smoke weed in public or within sight of the public (this includes any form of transportation or while in state parks). If you are staying in a hotel, Airbnb, or apartment, you must have permission from the property owner before you smoke. 


  • Is weed delivery available in Anchorage?

    No. Marijuana delivery is not yet legal in Alaska. Please check back for more updates on marijuana delivery laws in Anchorage.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Anchorage?

    Yes! Dispensaries in Anchorage offer online ordering for in-store and/or curbside pickup. Just make sure to have your government-issued ID or medical marijuana card on you when you go to pick up your order.


Anchorage Dispensary Reviews

  • Great stuff at great prices! staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Will be coming back soon.

  • Great

  • Excellent and very friendly budtenders

  • Very good price ....the biggest bang for the buck...the quality of the product is better than the other shop in's immediately noticeable.

  • The Budtenders are so nice and they even remember your bud place in town...

  • Great shop, just before the grass station. Has great prices, it's worth the drive.

  • I see the sign is up now. Any idea of grand opening date?

  • Horrible.

  • The staff is really helpful and knowledgeable. Don't be afraid to ask questions and Wednesdays are double points days!

  • Waiting. ..hopefully a good dispensary

  • By far the beat bud shop I have visited in Alaska! They explained the strains and described the flowers perfectly! They get my $’s

    Pipe & Leaf
  • Great place

  • Only shop we've been in that lets you photograph their grow operation. Top shelf, 33% THC! I didn't get any this trip, but we will be back! Amicable staff, big selection.

  • Best prices on top quality, and friendly professional staff make this my favorite spot to shop. Often hard to find a parking spot close as it is in the heart of downtown, but it's the best place imo.

  • It's always a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Their Budtenders are always knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are well marked, it's always clean and it's well lit.

  • All bud tenders were really helpful! Gave great advise and helped me pick out great med mix. Will be going back on the regular!

    Plane Jane's
  • This store is easily one of Alaska's finest! It's located in the heart of downtown Anchorage, it offers a wide variety of quality products, and the prices are great. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable too. I highly recommend this shop!

  • Lovê the staff, willing to help with recommendations to needs of the customer. Quality bud and products.

  • Jesse was very helpful. Thanx I'll see ya soon rosebud.

  • Very good, really. I intend on going into Anchorage to get some more stuff from them. Thanks capt.

  • Great group of people

  • Absolutely love this place. Taran is the man!!

  • Alaska Cannabis Club's founder broke the law and was on the run. They were 'selling' pot without going through the necessary steps. Have heard from people that they have a poor reputation and should be completely avoided.

  • This company belongs to the Alaskan reporter who walked off her job saying, "Fuck it!" On live TV... gotta love her motivation and spirit. You gotta stop by and check her out!!

  • Very unsatisfactory. I need info on med marijuana asap. Help!!!

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